See blog: Are you Barbadian?

Are you Barbadian?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE ENVIRONMENT and SOCIETY.  YOU are aptly shaped by your environment…, by your society! If you are descendants of SLAVES who actually lived in the only recorded SLAVE SOCIETY known to the modern world (i.e., Barbados: the environment), you might have an ‘everything’ problem….  Barbadians, in many ways, are unique people.

Therefore, you must take a good, long look at your mental health. Every action you take must be done to promote human and social well being.  But….but first, you must recognize and are willing to admit the conditions of whence you came.  You must be willing to openly say that things are just not the way they should be.  You must be willing to embrace change — to correct your value-system disorder.

With this in mind, know that your current political elites are not good for your health.  Naked Departure

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6 thoughts on “Are you Barbadian?”

  1. Where ya all get this nonsense from bi-sexual but not gay? Bi-sexuals are gays (bullers) who absolutely love men but hide behind women because of stigma and discrimination. I don’t know what percentages of men are gays but I know they would love to come out of the closet and be themselves but for the time being they use females as fronts that’s why so much diseases bout the place. Women are carriers because the nasty men made them so. I cannot fathom how could a man go unprotected in feces and the go home to his wife / girlfriend and place that same feces laden penis is her vagina. Just thinking about it doesn’t it make you want to puke?


    1. Its so sad its a well known fact that at least 40% of males who go to clubs are bisexual…not gay but bisexual…bajan women who attend these fetes and cruises know this but $$$$ is what intice females at these events..


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