Clarks and Paul talk Chicken Wings

Cool Chick Chicken Company CLOSED

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked, I completed the research and it is Cool Chick (not Star Chick) that closed down because them is in debt.  Them run out of money.  Cool Chick was own by Wendell Clarke’s brother who has fortunately died of a heart attack.  He was just like Wendell Clarke — bad and wicked the same way and he died because of his wicked ways.

Wendell is saying that he would buy it and operate it and got two chicken places to sell his bad chickens.  Some of the drivers from Cool Chick gone over to Star Chick to work there too and to help do his bad deeds as well.  Wendell going to end up like his brother as well because he is wicked like him too; going to church on Sunday’s and doing nuff wrong to people and his workers.

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He was in the paper 3 weeks ago talking about new trays to put his bad chickens in.  If I was him I would never go in the papers at all — a wicked man he is he and that one call James Paul together in the paper talking about chicken wings that them want chickens wings to stop coming into Barbados, that them can supply chicken wings here for the people.  That is a joke!  Them can’t supply enough chicken wings for all the people in Barbados at all, who them trying to fool?  Them is jokers!

James Paul and Wendell Clarke is DLP together so them will get away with anything in Barbados that is why Wendell does get away with so much wrong doings because the so-called DLP is backing him but one day SOON he will end up like his brother that did own Cool Chick.  Two wicked people together should dead together.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Cool Chick Chicken Company CLOSED”

  1. Tennyson can’t leave star chick where is he going to go he is old and have a wife and two children to work for so he have to work hard all his life until he fall down at star chick he knows for other people but not for himself he always talking about people and pass workers but don’t know for himself he as two mouths that is why he going through all of this now he is wicked if things don’t come back to u when u young it get u when u old in life and that is what is happening to him now so let him stay at star chick that is good for him he will be there until he die he too wicked.


  2. That one Renaldo and Mr Phillips is two peas in a pot he can’t do nothing wrong for them but when jerry may he rest in peace did working together carry away the chickens on the truck all the time and taking home some too he didn’t say nothing about that but he would talk about other people at star chick wicked fucking man he is. Renaldo believe that he is a god send to women a short red cunt he is giving the women all of his money that fooling him. Mr Phillips till trying to done his house all now and till can’t get it done a next wicked one I will soon hear about him too as well soon from now. That one Tennyson is a wicked one too he is two mouth and is a church man as well but he dose not get on so at all that is why he as to work at star chick until he fall down because his wife doesn’t work no way and all is on him to do and have two kids to work for so he have to work till he fall down at star chick that is good for him because he is wicked and that is what happens when u wicked so.


  3. Them star chick trucks is not fit for the roads at all them need fixing bad but now cool chick is close down who going to fix them trucks now for star chick this place is a poor working place .


  4. Star chick needs to be close down before someone gets sick from eating them chicken and eggs with all of them rats running about in the plant so and freezes.


  5. It true Wendell wants to buy cool chick and did want a man to left amir’s Fason foods a next chicken place to work for him at star chick to do his bad work for him Wendell is a very wicked man in deel his brother that did own cool chick die of his wicked ways and so Wendell will end up like him too as well u wait and see u just wait and see and watch. The trucks don’t even get wash out good to put chicken in because he owns the people that he dose get the things from to wash out the truck so he can’t get them as he would like too so sometimes the trucks don’t have nothing to wash them out with on mornings and nuff rats running around the place too as well even in the plant as well where the chicken dose keep. That is what is making people sick star chick Ltd.


    1. dark1246, You get your fact straights. Mr. Clarke could retool, regroup, reboot or restock. Things will STILL be the same. Nothing will change and while you are at it defending him, tell him to come and clean up the stinking chicken pen in Skeetes Road, Rose Hill, St. Perter. Christmas and Independence around the corner. It want cleaning properly for a change. The workers he employ are all jokers just like him.


  6. So the bad information put out about the man going into bankruptcy was just hot air then. I knew there was no way he was going to do that and it would be good for him to buy cool chick


  7. NO body take’s James Paul Serious ! not even his Colleague Mr.Donville Innis ,that Overruled everything he put’s in place.


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