Mark Thompson, back row, third from right, if a THIEF, a LIAR and a FRAUD.  Trust him with your money and kiss it GOODBYE!  Birds of a feather flock together!

DISASTER Capitalism — No One Really Cares About HAITI

Hurricane Matthew – Haiti

HAITI/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) —  DISASTER CAPITALISM!!  NO ONE really cares about Haiti.  They talk about Haiti because they’re ashamed not to — how could you not talk about Haiti and all her recent disasters!

With Cholera surging and the smell of death flowing as the fragrance of the day, who’s going to go to Haiti and help them dig out?  Or, are you only going to hand out some food and clothing and take photos?  Then there’s the money to be made from disasters (charity/donations) and here comes the disaster capitalists a/k/a THIEVES.

Wyclef, a HAITIAN, steals from his own
Wyclef Jean, a HAITIAN, steals from his own People in Haiti

Most of the money (99%) collected for Haiti won’t reach her (history is our greatest teacher).  Most of what the radiothoners and other media outlets are doing is in essence to keep their brand relevant.  They don’t care about Haiti.  Look at the panel of people asking for money for Haiti — thieves, liars and big-time criminals!  Even Haiti’s own could not be steadfast!  Even Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Charity is now defunct after he, a fellow black man and himself a Haitian, mishandled $16M in donations.  He screwed his own people!

The American Red Cross collected half a BILLION after the 2011 earthquake and built ONLY six houses!

Haiti is always going to be an accident waiting to happen and there are opportunists and disaster capitalists (THIEVES) always ready and waiting to take something from her.

Haitian practice their Voodoo and Bajans Wukup and Foop
Haitians practice their Voodoo and Bajans Wukup and Fo*p

Do you think Bajans, who think that the only good Guyanese (good hair and all) is a dead one, can ever love the dark-skin, nappy-hair, voodoo and blood ritual Haitian?  And if you don’t love Haiti, why handle money for Haitians?

Wheel and come again!  It’s all about the money and the Rotary Club of Barbados West  has a pernicious criminal in its ranks!  They, like Wyclef, the American Red Cross, Bush, Clinton, and all others are DISASTER CAPITALISTS!!!!   Naked Departure

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2 thoughts on “DISASTER Capitalism — No One Really Cares About HAITI”

  1. What a diverse mix of criminals they never miss an opportunity for to pose for the camera makes you wonder how some of these people sleep at night.


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