Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse – Video

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ELDER ABUSE — There is a video circulating in Barbados depicting Elder Abuse.  In the video, the person behind the camera is heard taunting the elderly woman, enticing her, with joyous, raucous laughter, to pull her skirt up and ‘pull it back’.  The old woman is heard cursing using Bajan expletives.  She obliges the director of the film and pulls her skirt up, pulls her panties aside, bends over, and shows her private areas.

This is SUB HUMAN behavior.  Not only is it exhibited in the old woman, but also in the person taping the video and the little girl in the house who’s heard laughing.  Sub human, as normal in Barbados, means that the minds of these individuals involved cannot think of a better way.  They are products of the slave society they live in.  They’ve probably never been told of the great slave experiment in Barbados and the residual mal tendencies that reside in their DNA.  They probably don’t know what it is to be a fully realized human.  The way they are behaving, for them, is normal.

Looking on the nakedness of their elder did not produce shame.

Barbadians need to work on correcting their value-system disorder.   The truth of their history must be known.   Naked Departure

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3 thoughts on “Elder Abuse – Video”

  1. It is indeed hard to change hundreds of years of indoctrination where we were taught to accept what was wrong as right. We must somehow change the belief system that taking advantage of those who are not as strong as others is the right thing to do.

    I firmly believe that the strongest animal or person is usually the leader but I realized early in life that one day being the strongest is not a state forever because as we see in the animal kingdom one day there is always someone more dominant.

    We as a people need to understand this concept and through our understanding treat each other with respect and dignity. In treating ourselves and others with respect we would not see treating others in an unfair manner as fun.

    This life is a journey that we are all passing through. What legacy will we leave for those who are coming behind us? The elderly person could be our grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, and if a female is reading even us as we get older. It hurts.


  2. ABUSE ! Of the Elderly ,Children , or Animal’s in Barbados is not a Crime, by our Judiciary it’s Seen as normal behavior for them ! The only Crime in Barbados for our Judiciary is Smoking Ganja , you can be sent to Prison for a $5 bag of Weed or arrested for $3 worth of Ganja ,or given 30 year’s for importation , because our Judiciary is involved in the said Criminal activities of abuse to women and Children a Pedofile Judiciary.


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