Peter Harris ownes these people

Peter Harris, Owner of Barbados Today

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PETER HARRIS — Naked, reports are leaking on Barbados Today, the website owned by Peter Harris, that he is using the Mailing Lists from other companies he owns to forward links to email accounts.

Be careful opening mail from websites that may be familiar to you.  It has malware that can access your email accounts and track your web history.  Peter Harris has a reputation of invading people’s privacy.  Remember Naked reported that he has hidden  cameras in his strip clubs and knows the medical histories of some people who fill their prescriptions at his pharmacies.

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Peter Harris is still on a campaign to destroy Naked’s website.  He has made a list of people he thinks are reporting on him and his corruption.

Peter, you may think you know who we are, but you will be shocked how close we are to you and yours!   Anonymous

P.S.   Peter Harris and Barbados Today do not care about HAITI!

Naked Departure

58 thoughts on “Peter Harris, Owner of Barbados Today”

  1. Thomas Harris…we kept our word, many lawyers have been sent the links to your little tell all on ND last weekend, that will let them know the dangers of getting involved with your brother Peter Harris and CGI Insurance.

    Tell Peter Harris he is wasting his time running around trying to shut down the email accounts, I can access millions of email accounts around the world in any language, Peter will be spending the rest of his life running around trying to shut them all down…..hundreds of those links have already been sent out and you know they will be shared and forwarded and….well you know, how is Peter going to stop that….lol….lol

    Do you see how helpless Peter feels he cant stop his dirty, criminal deeds from being exposed to everyone on the island, that is the same way many lawyers and claimants feel when Peter pays his little weasel lawyers to tell lies incessantly to the judges and refuses to let the cases close, wasting the courts, judges and everyone else’s time, clogging the supreme court for years and disrupting the system, for his greed and viciousness.

    If the commissioner of police does his job, that little criminal organization Peter Harris heads will be smashed, if not, there are many other ways.

    Thomas, unless you wish to engage me again, my work is done.

    If I see you on ND, we can still chat

    I enjoyed this you will never know how much, the truth always prevails.

    It’s been fun…hasta la vista.


  2. Thomas..good news, people are searching out email addresses for Chief Justice Marston Gibson and all the judges so they can know what your brother Peter Harris pays his weasel little rat lawyers to do in their court rooms, by next month they will be well informed on the dirty tricks to look out for in those personal injury cases with CGI Insurance and Massy, etc as told by you in regard to Patterson Cheltenham.

    Remember, you are the one gave a blow by blow account about what the dishonest plaintiff’s lawyers do, paid by Peter Harris and aided by his lawyers, you cannot want more disrespect for the claimants, court and judges than that, so some have agreed to make sure it is known and completely out in the open, so that changes can be made to stop the dirty practices, make them harder to implement,.

    Things have been too easy for 20 years, too many holes left unplugged by David Simmons, too easy to practice corruption. These 57 comments should not go to waste, they are too enlightening, along with the 2 other blogs that also have important comments from you, that information came straight out of the horse’s mouth, Peter Harris’ own brother Thomas Harris.

    It may not seem so now, but you actually helped in making it possible to expose the rot in the supreme court the only thing needed are the solutions to make sure people are not subjected to those evil practices for another 20 years, the judiciary is not disrespected by Peter Harris and CGI Insurance and others for another 20 years.

    Stay tuned, will keep you updated.


  3. Thomas Harris, I got news for you, had to reread your multiple self raising posts from over the weekend to confirm, I distinctly remembered you patting yourself on the back and cursing Pat Cheltenham about it being CGI Insurance and your brother Peter lowering premiums so low that policyholders in Barbados are now wealthy and it was Cheltenham keeping the premiums high, what a load of crock you rolled out for us for so many days.

    A little birdie just sent me an article from barbadostoday, does Peter not own that online newspaper, well the article states that FSC will from next year, bring regulations that will cause premiums to rise for insurance companies, haha. They don’t want another clico, it says, but big insurance companies could very well gobble up the smaller fot thought right, I am sure you read the article, you have so much more time on your hands now to read only and make no comments. .lol

    So this tells me Peter Harris was acting as his own regulator lowering premiums as he saw fit to enrich himself, what a nerve.

    Cheltenham must be smiling.

    You know bad shit tends to happen in 3s, dont you Thomas.

    Don’t worry Thomas, I am just keeping in touch, thinking of you.

    Your friend,

    The dumb A


  4. So big mouth Thomas Harris is really gone, Peter muzzled you didn’t he or you would bring down the whole criminal organization singlehandedly. .lol, which would have been a good thing, but it can still be taken down, enough information is now circulating out there, thanks to you Thomas old

    I still feel it’s this Amilcar Branche thing got Peter Harris scared silly though, but I am working on that, no need to worry, I can be very determined and focused when I want information, you will see.


  5. Thomas Harris you actually ran off the blog, what a coward, you told me to run along so many and you are gone, running with your tail between your legs.

    Do you think that your running will stop the information from coming out, oh no it wont, I am now more determined than ever to meet that February deadline, dont seem so mythical to you and Peter anymore now does it, and if the Amilcar Branch mystery has a story that I can get to by then, prove and expose, haha, you will be running for quite a while Thomas.

    All I need is a little evidence that something really dirty took place to hurt the client’s case, that’s all.

    I wonder if I should ask Patterson Cheltenham, jow that’s a thought well worth the try, what do you think he will say Thomas….dirt flows both ways you know. .lol


  6. Thomas Harris, do you see how helpless you nd Peter Harrs feel right about now, neither of you like the feeling do you, well multiply that feeling you don’t like ×10 and you will get an inkling how CGIs policyholders, people with damaged vehicles and injured claimants of Transport Board drivers screwups feel when your wicked brother Peter pays the dishonest plaintiff’s lawyers you started exposing this weekend, to screw up their cases and refuses to honor his responsibilities and pay them compensation.

    Ain’t karma a good looking bitch, do you like her Thomas, I know that’s nit your cup of tea, but it’s not like karma cares.

    I was sent to make absolutely sure that you and Peter keep that feeling of helplessness for a very long time to come, it will either make or break you, just like Peter and CGIs victims.

    Just call me the dumb A student, if itmakes you feel better. We got a way to go Thomas, you and I. I liked you much better when you used your real name


  7. Thomas Harris you sleazy little scaredy cat weasel, after using your own name on ND for months and challenging others to use their real names on the site, since things have gotten beyond your control because of your own mouth last weekend, you run off all scared and afraid for your 9th and final life and so afraid and frightened to use your real name again..wimp, wuss..haha.

    You better find a good drug rehab program.


  8. Thoma Harris, cat got your numb tongue, frighten to use your real name again, how much trouble did you get into for talking out all of Pat Cheltenham’s business on social media for everyone to see, did Peter get a call from Cheltenham’s lawyers yet, you must be in hiding now, cause I am sure by now someone would have sent Cheltenham those Naked Departure links with you doing dixie on his name with information about him, you could only have gotten directly from Peter Harris. You had a really good time over the weekend too, didn’t you, high as a kite and talking out everything. .lol

    All that man’s business, how much money he stole, his yearly incone, insurance fraud, the only way Peter Harris would know all those details about Pat Chelteham’s business is if he was also involved in the fraud making 6 million dollars a year off the backs of bajans as well, since Peter Harris never reported any of that insurance fraud committed by Pat Cheltenham, to the police.

    You brilliant C student. Lol

    Don’t worry Thomas, all the details regarding Peter Harris’ drug trafficking will come out as well, but the person with the information should send it directly to the commissioner of police, let him handle it directly. . Don’t want Peter’s good friend DPP Charles Leacock running interference in case he is also involved, many people want to Leacock arrested too.

    Thomas, you will be happy to hear that I making slow progress on the Amilcar Branch matter on why he would remove remove himself from a case, as plaintiff’s attorney, involving CGI, slowness is not laziness though, but word around the court is, the client caught him messing with the case, did Peter bribe him Thomas, did Branch do the same thing you accused Cheltenham of, work both sides, selling out the client .

    You may as well tell me, it will all come out eventually, just as you talked out all Cheltenham’s business, I am sure that too will come out, maybe it’s not the right time.

    Bajans have a right to know the dishonest lawyers on the island who work for Peter Harris, destroying their client’s cases and lives, don’t you agree, you exposed Pat Cheltenham for the same thing Thomas, though not for the same reasons, because both you and Peter Harris knew about the insurance fraud and client fraud practiced by Cheltenham for over 15 years and neither said anything, never called the police, never called the bar association, never called Peter’s good friend the DPP Leacock about that so he can direct the police, he has been DPP just as long, but you did nothing. What Peter did was hire Cheltenham to commit the same fraud for CGI Insurance, you said so yourself Thomas, right here, big as brass, abiut 12 times..

    So Thomas, I know you will not mind one little bit if I find out more details about Amilcar Branch and that client, since you finally found god and you and Peter Harris are now in the business of exposing fraud and dishonest lawyers in Barbados. What do you think Thomas, you can’t be that scared of me, I am the dumb A student remember.


  9. @ Your Wife

    You could only be a jackass or one of the Harris brothers posting under an alias.

    I can speak 100% on Thomas and Joseph Harris as they did not come through 1st form like others but came from abroad and were put in forms higher with Thomas below Joseph.

    Thomas Harris also went to Foundation with Peter Wickham and played both cricket and table tennis for the Foundation school..

    This Malcolm Grant that you guys are fixated with seems to have something on the Harris brothers.

    Like I said before both Hashim from Prosales and Peter Harris have been in the local drug business and money laundering for a long time.

    Does the Barbados public know all the main drug dealers?

    Of course not as many act as legitimate businessmen, white, Indian, Syrian and black.


  10. Is everyone connected to Peter Harris mentally slow, I just hope Grant can sue your dumb ass, if he is interested and you dare put up your real name on the site, like Thomas Harris the brilliant C student…lol


  11. Lol Malcolm you are seriously so lame with nothing better to do, hence why all you do now is spend your days like a conspiracy theorist writing articles about people and things. It is amazing that you have the time to write under multiple aliases and have a conversation with yourself. Whoever has that much time for Facebook really needs to try and feed their children lol. As I said before, go and post in the paper your accusations with evidence to back it up, instead of spreading lies on the Internet. Your knowledge of who peter or Thomas played cricket with is knowledge to everyone. They were once old friends of yours. Nobody even reads naked departure, so the comments cannot be legitimate and congratulations on writing enough to cover the home page. How can someone really be a major drug lord in Barbados and no one know of it? It is a small island and all you do is spread whatever opinions and negatives you have about others to expose the ‘truth’ well go on then you cat, expose it if you really care that much! it is also evident that you are clearly bitter towards Thomas and peter specifically, since they both fell out with you due to your illegal activities. Why not speak of the other brothers? If you claim to be such an insider, where you are actually an old friend and observer. Go on then.


  12. And Thomas dear, we know you are a brilliant C student and all that jazz, it’s Monday morning, will you be mature enough to tell us how much money in damages Peter Harris will have to pay Pat Cheltenham for your mouth running off for 5 whole

    Don’t you ever get any little weasel lawyer to come on here again telling me about the law that they are helping Peter Harris to break or you and Peter will both rue the day, when you know they should all be in prison.

    Face me like a woman, I mean,


  13. I am breaking the law you said, better read the law books again Thomas, so what is Peter Harris doing, upholding the law, do you think laws were made exclusively for Peter to misuse and abuse over and over and claimants should remain in the dark about their human and legal rights while Peter Harris and his gang benefit financially off the lack of knowledge of policyholders, people with damaged cars and people with injuries, you still believe the information should be kept secret from the public.

    I will teach you something about the law, you should be more worried about what you did to Patterson Cheltenham on ND than about me, it’s all over the island, no one forced you to slander, libel or scandalize that man’s name using your own name..


  14. Here is what I got for you Thomas Harris and it’s not even 10 oclock yet and only took 2 calls, I am sure the claimants when they realize and understand the CGI scam, will be smarter than you and the crooked lawyers.

    I just learned in the last 5 minutes and see why you now have to go into legal mode using someone else to talk to me, you see, just as you got on here running off at the mouth this last 5 days, other people are talking. I found out that Amilcar Branch just recently removed himself from a personal injury case involving CGI Insurance, who lawyer does that in Barbados, unless something is really, really wrong, did the scam against the claimant go wrong or something to that effect?, I have no details yet, but you can be assured that I am well versed in the law and would know how to açcess that info.

    Let us assume for a few, I don’t like to but this occasion calls for assumptions, that this case is still active and ongoing in the supreme court. Unlike Peter Harris and his scum doctors and lawyers, I have total respect for the sanctity of the court, the judges and their cases, so I will never interfere nor would I ever give Peter that opportunity or satisfaction, ask your brother what that means since you are such a novice.

    But there is nothing to stop me from getting the details on why Amilcar Branch would up and remove himself from a personal injury case as i found out lawyer for the plaintiff, involving CGI Insurance, somebody is bound to know right, I am sure the information would be worth the time and effort finding out, since Branch is no longer part of the case.

    Don’t worry, I am checking for other cases as well, see what else is up, something got you and Peter in a frightened tizzy and since you up and named and cursed out Pat Cheltenham on Naked Departure no less Thomas, talked out all the man’s business you did, that makes it easier to get detailed information, you cursed Cheltenham poisonously you did Thomas, I hope you can explain why to Pat and his lawyers, I am sure he either heard or saw what you did to his name on social media, oh

    What do you think Thomas, don’t be shy now, after being so brazen for days now…lol


  15. Thomas Harris you cannot say anything more to me, you said it all during the last five days, you are in denial that your brother has more enemies than you can count or remember, you insult people’s intelligence and think people in and off the island don’t know that Peter uses CGI Insurance to disadvantage and malign injured people for his and the lawyers whom he bribes to sell out their clients, own self-enrichment, you said it yourself, you even named Pat Cheltenham.

    It’s wide knowledge that Leslie Haynes did the same thing at CLICO, take client’s personal injury cases and not tell them at the time that he sat on the board of directors at CLICO or was their attorney, he ruined many lives that fat pig, I am sure he continued the same nasty practice as CGI’s attorney once CLICO was disbanded, leopards don’t change spots.

    Now this name Amilcar Branche being called, did he ruin or try to ruin a client’s personal injury case Thomas Harris, you may as well tell me, I will find out, because first of all Amilcar Branche is a criminal attorney and should not be handling personal injury cases, the people on the island need to know this, he is closely aligned to Leslie Haynes and Leslie Roberts, how far a jump is that to Peter Harris and his scams of lying to the court on injured people, trying to set them up with bogus doctors or withholding important documents from the judge and court.

    You may as well talk to me Thomas Harris because I will find out and when I do, it will be posted on Naked Departure, I feel more and more that Amilcar Branche is involved, did they scam an injured client or clients, did they get through, because not all clients are the same. Don’t worry, I have until February to find that client or clients, you never know, I might find them sooner than you think.

    It will only take one very angry, injured claimant to publicly unravel the scam that is Peter Harris, don’t talk to me, you will see.


    1. Is this a threat or are you trying to suggest that claimants should take matters into their hands, by operating outside of the law? Either way, you are breaking the law. Please be guided accordingly!!!


  16. @ Thomas Harris

    To prove I am no Malcolm Grant I would give you info only someone that attended Foundation School would know at the time. The cricket teams were primarily coached by Mr. Cousin under 15 known as Ronaldthree played during summer vacation, 2nd Division and intermediate. You played with Applewaithe, Peter Bourne, Christopher Walker, Rodney King former fireman who died several years ago, Joseph Harris your older brother etc.

    This would have been in the earlier part of the eighties when the two schools boys and girls Foundation were separate and cricket was played solely on the pasture next to the church cemetery wall.

    Malcolm Grant would not know this including the names of fellow cricketers unless he went to Foundation with us at the time.


    1. I’m not an idiot. Malcolm Grant used to have his practice near Foundation and I’m sure there are a lot of Foundation Old Scholars he can call on for the information that you’ve provided. I’m still not convinced you are not that wicked red mutt. Furthermore, Grant is hell bent on destroying the good reputation of the Harris family. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is going to soon get what’s coming for him. Mark my words. I’ll continue to pray that he’ll soon changes his wicked ways.


  17. Lol, Thomas Harris, this is like a blight on your souls, pretending to be respectable and trafficking in drugs and you are pointing fingers at everyone else calling injured people malingerers, so what would you call a drug trafficker, a strip club owner, someone who hires/bribes fraudulent attorneys to mislead the courts and their clients.

    Peter Harris’ chickens are finally home and roosting.


  18. Thomas Harris, this is what I had to do to make sure I am getting all of this right, I do not claim to know everything, so sonetimes it’s good to ask other people what they think makes sense, because what you posted does not make sense to me.

    Peter Harris has been hiring Pat Cheltenham , QC to handle personal injury cases for CGI Insurance, the problem I am having with that Thomas is as you said Cheltenham worked for 15 years with Massy handling their personal injury cases and acting as defense attorney while simultaneously acting as plaintiff’s attorney in the same personal injury cases without the knowledge of the claimants who were really his victims, because those same cases were going nowhere, against Massy, not with Cheltenham acting as both defense and plaintiff’s attorney in the same cases, to add insult to injury he overcharged, as you said, his clients, who did not know that the insurance companies pay 15% to the claimant’s attorney as QC, so the attorney should not ask for more than another 5 to 7.5% of the client’s cheque, but that should have been agreed upon early in the case, in writing. Cheltenham should not have taken an additional 15% in fees from his already victimized clients.

    Not only was Peter Harris aware of this but it dId not seem repugnant and fraudulent to him in any way, he hires Cheltenham to do the same thing for CGI Insurance. That is what was bothering me. What was so good about that Thomas, good people dont do that, Harris is just as fraudulent as Cheltenham, since he did not report it to anyone or push for Cheltenham to be disbarred, instead he hired him, you said that here about 12 times..

    I just made a note to check that information about Amilcar Branche, if Peter hired him to do the same thing for CGI Insurance, act as defense attorney and plaintiff’s attorney in the same personal injury cases, dont you think his clients should know that they are being robbed, so they can find new lawyers, I am sure some may have heard already, this information is spreading. It is the right thing to do. How can you beasts treat injured people like that and then a crackhead like you Thomas, gets on social media and call these victimized claimants..malingerers, don’t you people have a soul.

    I think there is more to this Amilcar Branche thing, it will definitely be checked out, people talk.

    You people got a wicked scam going on on the island, a very small, but well organized crime syndicate complete with drug trafficking, victimizing injured people and all of you doing as you like, did you ever think it would be exposed like this, I dont think so and you Thomas, actually helped with the exposure.


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