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Privatization or Shadow Control?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, calls have been made to privatize state enterprises by those who seem ready to grab the power that lies in the control of such entities.  By privatizing, it is understood that government relinquishes the control and operation of a state enterprise to a private enterprise.  This is a denationalizing of an ASSET.

WILL OUR NATIONALITY BE ALLOWED TO ERODE? What worth have you without assets?

RECENT STATEMENTS made at the opening of International Business Week leaves one to wonder the thinking of such a strategic viewpoint and stance that leads to devolving, denationalizing and privatization.  As party politics would have it, the DLP 2013 campaign was making claims that this was a BLP AGENDA yet today a DLP “stalwart” (in power) is making such a call which baffle the imagination and leaves one to wonder which side of the fence they really stand on.

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The electorate certainly believed that they had the right mix of BOLD and IMAGINATIVE “wanna be politicians” to do the right thing by resolving, correcting, and implementing remedies and solutions
when challenges present themselves. The PRIVATE SECTOR is NO GREATER than Government, the same way one sees the private sector could produce opportunities likewise the GOVERNMENT CAN DO also and even better because of access.

Government as a Facilitator and Regulator is merely a cop-out of what the mandate of good governance requires.  FACILITATION DEMANDS TRANSPARENCY, CORRUPTION looms but will have no escape, LOOPHOLES will be uncovered, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.

OPPORTUNITIES for citizens via FACILITATION whether from OFFSHORE or LOCAL companies whose objective is to acquire cheap labour and massive profits at the expense of our citizens ENERGY by strict rules and regulations of employment, POOR WAGES and SALARIES while REFUSING to entertain sound labour practices and union representation BUT RECEIVING many “perks” from their FACILITATORS. WHAT HELP are they to the country?

To consummate is bed talk, waiting on a cheque to consummate a deal sounds rather “Shakespeareish”.
RESPECT IS EARNED and NOT DUE. History has taught us a hard lesson, but a lesson well learnt, to be great is to serve and vis-a-vis….

Be responsible and belittle not those who have chosen you as representative and ambassador when delivering speeches.

A WORD TO THE WISE — To give away your control to another is to empower them and comes with a price.  If all assets are sold off, what control have you?  WHAT IF THE PRIVATE ENTERPRISE COLLAPSE?…  Will your answer be… BAILOUT?



Naked Departure (Photo: NationNews)

3 thoughts on “Privatization or Shadow Control?”

  1. WHO ! is in Charge here ! Of this Country , the Gentleman on the Left or the Right ! and what are they actually Saying about us !


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