Shakelia Barrow of KFC

Shakelia Barrow, J3001, of KFC

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHAKELIA BARROW — Naked, this big-forehead woman here is work with me at KFC.   She is Lisa Davis’ lap dog.  Naked, this big-forehead woman messing with Rashidi Davis now, Lisa Davis’ son that just came here working.   I mean what else is she going to do just to be like the Davis’s.

She treats us here up in the office like dirt and goes around to the branches causing problems.  No one likes this big-forehead witch.   She mouth can’t shut and you Lisa Davis are you blind?  She did messing wid yah husband LIL D AND NOW YAH SON.   But you shouldn’t care since you and him separated for all the horns he pelt in yah a**.  lbar.

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Everybody in Bim look out for J3001 a maroon Kia that de p****** horse-mouth f***** is drive.  Shakelia Barrow, what you should do is stop spreading your suck-well cr*****.

I wonder how long would it take for Lisa Davis to see you for what you really are.  By now you should realise that you in got much friends in KFC and is only get speech because of the pimp position you have.

PS.  Stop giving away de people vouchers tah yah friends fah clothes and hair do’s cause none don’t suit yah u**** c****.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Shakelia Barrow, J3001, of KFC”

  1. Don’t know why wunna don’t leff the girl doa.Wunna just jealous that the woman son ain’t want wunna tho.This educated lady,yes she’s educated got her job fair and square yet wunna pop down bitches want to tarnish the woman name. Hope wunna know what tarnish means!!!! Leff the woman alone and go and do wunna job tho.If I was she,as Marketing Coordinater I woulda fire all wunna asses fuh real


    1. At this stupid freak Diva.. first your the one that is u educated a bimap certificate is education. Plus you need it with all the tho in your mouth further from that the dog only education is Assistant Marketing coordinator to f’g people men and selling she rabbit as well as her ————— your lucky Madame naked said refer from profanity.

      BUT YOU DIDN’T…… you just did less. smh!!


      1. First off,you need a vocabulary book to distinguish the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE before you can call someone a stupid freak.I know Shekelia from the time we were young and I know for a fact that she’s educated.Show me the proof that she’s not,then maybe I’ll overlook the fact that you cannot even punctuate a sentence properly by not using fullstops or commas in your posts.That’s probably why the boss woman’s son don’t even want you,cause apparently YOU’RE( that’s short for You Are since you didn’t know) the stupid freak.BTW: Shekelia went to Louis Lynch Secondary,hope you didn’t went HC for all the bad grammar you’re using.You’re only making yourself look jealous.Finish this before you might be the next one to get fire.We educated LADIES don’t have the time for pop down wanna bees like you.


  2. Look you uneducated lot,go off de blog talking foolishness ,This girl in this pic is very beautiful and sweet that how she get wanah man .Go after ya man not de woman.This how KFC staff behaving? You all might spit in my food,


    1. at yyou annoymous where that laap dog beautiful seems to mme that you have cat a rat booa. your one DUMB blonde. but rather yet is this shekelia the hoe or one of she hoe friends replying


    2. at this stupid ass diva, let me address you.
      firstly jackass, it’s clear that you have shekelia’s p—– in your mouth.
      secondly jackass, it’s clear that you s—k just as much lollypops as her.
      thirdly jackass it’s clear that you don’t this nasty hoe, pimp position rabbit.
      shekelia Melissa Barrow is nothing but an ugly pop down low down stink cat, stink mouth nasty b—–. not one likes her only her lesbian friends.
      that’s why her mouth so stink and is smell so raw.. from all the c**t she is —-k.
      like wise I’m educated johnnie come lately I went to school at st. Michael’s


      1. Now I can clearly see these so called jealous minded ppl are so bad minded and just looking for talk that they don’t even know her real name!!!! Anyone that knows her,know that’s not her name.So obviously this is a case of mistaken identity or just that you are just making up stories to bring down the woman.Get the right facts before you start to slander ppl name.So what if you Top Fan went to St.Michael’s???? I know of a parro that went to Lodge.So you’re point is???? A person could go to UWI and still be stupid and illiterate!!!!


    1. Why would anyone have to be jealous of that pop down RABBIT she is nothing but a huge forehead nasty h—–r. Her mother. Should of abort she. That freak is just s—— bout de place. Mussy got some ———— to share. All she is live on is KFC all de voucher she is thief. I’ve been working KFC long enough tah know bout this nauisance


  3. This sound like some musty w—– that jealous ah shakelia..This time wunna jealous cause nobody aint paying wunna nuh mind..always scandling somebody name dah time wunna windows nasty asf


  4. This b—– had it coming long time stop f—— other people men for money nasty b——. Plus raise yah son tah be a man and not a little s— like yah. Cause he gine tek more c—- than yah



  5. Well well this w—— day has now come.. shekelia barrow was bullying long is c——. From when she did living up in gall hill #1
    She did s—– men d——— for lolly pops she is nothing but a big forehead c—– —–. Nasty —– Victim


  6. all wunna at KFC unmannerly as f—– and all wunna does look so f——ng ghetto wid wunna scruffy selves so de body that write this article you aint nuh better you just as ugly and unmannerly. I DO NOT EAT AT KFC TO MANY ROACHES AND GHETTO STAFF


  7. She is ah.real big forward s—– n unmannerly with it,she is nuttin but ah w—– look short she may soon want d dog r d grandfadda,she is also a big f——- thief also ,i.jus can tek it she loves s——— men ———- fa money ,cause she is ah brek s—– but wants people ta feel she has it all n does not have shit ,she also owes alot of people ,cause she does borrow d people money n does not pay bac she is nuttin but ah dog ,i hopes somebodh put ah stop ta her as soon as possible hmmmm real ting


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