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An Open letter To The Bitter Woman Abigail Small of Hillaby

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  ABIGAIL SMALL — Naked, this is a letter to tell Abigail Small of Hillaby officially and publicly that I am tired of her, as a wife, as a daughter.

I want you Abigail Small to know that it is time for you to shut your bitter a*** up, get some therapy and leave Black Love alone.

It’s time for you Abigail Small to stop pretending that your mission is strictly to make sure your child is good.  Your other mission is to make Otis life a living hell.  You’re are jealous, you’re are conniving.

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Bitter lady Abigail Small, focus on your children.

You see, Bitter Woman Abigail Small, when you first began to blame my husband for every problem you have ever come across, then poor me the other woman, here to stay……. you proclaimed your own guilt for your misery.

It has become popular to blame men for everything wrong with the world, but conniving money hungry women like you paint a bad picture of our men.  Your propaganda has declared you as independent and has declared men as unnecessary.  You have been playing both victim and victor.  But it’s time to end this rh.  That charade must end.  Stop making my life a living hell.

Bitter Woman Abigail Small, I have tried to make amends with you but you do not want peace.  That is ok.

But keep my name out of your mouth and off of Naked Departure.  Get a life!   Your Daughter

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “An Open letter To The Bitter Woman Abigail Small of Hillaby”

  1. Ceo a Johnny in the white world is like little Johnny did this and that in Barbados a Johnny is derogatory what women use when they’re having their monthly cycle so if someone calls you a wet Johnny it’s a pad that has been used


  2. The person that wrote this letter foolish as rh and the johnny that publish it just as dumb. The woman don’t need to make wanna life hell. Your husband sins is what making your life a living hell.


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