Bashment is part of Bajan's Sub Human culture

BASHMENT, like Crop Over, part of Barbadian Sub Human Culture

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BASHMENT — Yes indeed, bashment is very much part of Barbadian Sub Human culture because Barbadian culture incorporates the old ways — back in the days/time when they were in chains and 100% full non-human slaves.  And for the woman who did not know what “tek off something an’ pelt it way”’ means; it means ‘take off your panties or all your clothes for that matter, in public, and throw them to the side.’  Hopefully, no one would run off with them when all the fun and games are done.

Only a sub-human would suggest or do something like that.  It’s probably latent, ancestral memories of being out of your mind on the boat ride and being dragged through Bridgetown, hungry, scared, tearful and  naked as the day you were born!  Crop over and bashment are represented and perpetuated by the sub-human part of Barbadian culture.

Nothing said here is meant to be an insult — it’s just the culture.

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“Skepticism continues to be expressed by some Barbadians about Bashment Soca.  That puzzlement forced a woman attending a lecture, titled Barbados’ Cultural Development – A Cultural Policy Agenda, on Thursday night, to question if Bashment Soca is part of the country’s culture.  “Yes,” responded lecturer in cultural studies at the University of the West Indies, Dr Marcia Burrowes.   But the mature woman, who said she was quite familiar with the phrase “tek off something an’ pelt it way”, the hook line of Stiffy’s hit song that earned him the crown, explained she had no idea what he meant.”

Naked Departure  (Photo Credit: NationNews, WILLCOMM)

2 thoughts on “BASHMENT, like Crop Over, part of Barbadian Sub Human Culture”

  1. Sorry Dr. Marcia Burrowes, bashment is not my culture, it maybe for the few Bajan and Caribbean youngins but it has no roots in Bim prior Lil Rick, Stiffy et al.

    Cambridge English Dictionary states that culture is “the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.”[


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