Roland Cobbler

Roland Cobbler’s Vile Statement

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROLAND COBBLER — The mind and the actions of a SUB HUMAN will undermine and destroy any society.

“…The force’s public relations officer, Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler, said adult Barbadians who see girls in the company of adult males during school hours should resist turning a blind eye to what they suspect could lead to illegal acts.”

This statement is indicative of what it is to be sub-human.  A HUMAN BEING would never turn a ‘blind eye’ to acts of violence (subtle, suspected or otherwise implied) involving children.

Naked Departure will continue to point out statements made in your press and by your citizens (like, e.g., pus*y is pus*y) to show — to prove to you, that a sub-human race lives among you.

And, by the way, did any of these incidences in Queen’s Park involve white children, or, are only the black kids horny and dysfunctional?  Naked Departure

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22 thoughts on “Roland Cobbler’s Vile Statement”

  1. Now he is gone, he said a true thing, but in the wrong context. That kid that sexually abuse young school girls, sadly lots of young and older guys doing the same thing, and the justice system not serious enough about this sexual abuse. This guy got bail to do the same thing again.


  2. the justician !

    Do have a blessed day my brother , at the end of the day ,we are One Naked Departure Network ! Family , Peace be with you .


  3. The police protect the dirty politicians, elites etc who are funding and facilitating the real crimes from prosecution. You is one so you biased, I don’t expect any different from you. Where the “clean” ones who don’t ever come forward and talk about the dirt their colleagues into? When you ready to mortally wound me, come.



    YOU ! SEE THESE NAME’S HERE ! NONE OF THE ABOVE NAME’S ARE IMMUNE ! FROM BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Attack if Wrong is Committed
    against my brother’s and Sister’s ! I fear NOT ! Ya Understand thejustician ! Good ! Go back in to your Nest ! and Leave me alone on the battle field ! before you’re mortally Wounded !


  5. the justician !
    YA Miss Just now , because I duck , the rock hit the breadfruit tree in my Grandmother back Yard ! You’re Very anti police ! I BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! do not ,repeat do not Care who You’re , I call it the way I See’s it from my heart of heart’s ! Why are you so HURT ! When I speak about PRISON or death for PEDOPHILES ! have I touch a nerve in your neck , or a blood Vessel in your heart , do you have something to share with the Public ! Death to Pedophiles ! I Say .


  6. When I pelt I don’t miss. You just like to type. I thought you were ‘two-mouted’ but you like you got three. Apparently the only people innocent until proven guilty for you is cops. Talking bout you is a freedom fighter and on here supporting a dirty cop that gun down two unarmed civilians. You could fool some but you can’t fool me.


  7. the uustician !
    And by the Way ! The High Court’s were giving all Kinds of CRIMINAL’S !
    MURDERER’S ! GUN MEN ! BAIL !. And refused to give Officer Gittens bail ! and Keeping a POLICE OFFICER LOCK DOWN! For Two Year’s ! While Murderer’s on bail Caused havoc , and Commits more Murder !
    Give all bail or don’t give none , that was my Stance Pertaining to OFFICER GITTENS ! Don’t give 99% of the Murderer’s bail and Leave an Officer behind bar’s ! Free Allllllllllllllllllllll BAJAN to the bone 2016 .


  8. thejustician ! WATCH how ya Pelt ya Stone’s , ya might Chopped the wrong Person , a baby in arm’s ! Mr. Gittens was remanded for a very long time , about two year’s ! That’s why I’m Calling for remand or Death to PEDOPHILES ! not released back in to Society , with out tasting some Prison , you want Person’s remand for Life , not me , a man is innocent until proven Guilty , doesn’t means you shouldn’t be remanded base on the allegations , and raw fact’s be freed or Sentence based on the evidence !


  9. Mr.Cobbler ! I for got ,your Prosecutor did not, I repeat ,did not Object to bail for the Pusy is Pusy Pedophile ! So if I read the Prosecutor behavior Correctly, heis actually saying to the Magistrate ,I don’t see any Problem her , he is no threat to Society , what’s wrong with Serious indecent against a Child, this is normal behavior iin Barbados ,what’s all the fust about ,that is what he is actually saying to the Magistrate and the rest of Barbados , THE PROSECUTION JOB IS TO PROTECT SOCIETY FROM DANGER’S AND DANGEROUS PRISONER’S ! THAT’S YOUR JOB ! TO PROTECTING SOCIETY ! Sir .


  10. THIS ! is how I see it , the Statement made by POLICE OFFICER Roland Cobbler ,to the Public ,Should be directed to his OFFICER’S not the Public
    For year’s ,Barbadians have been reporting on these matter’s , the PUSY IS PUSY Guy and all the Other’s that took Children in the Park recently done it with eased , a Worker Said he reported the Matter to the Police several times to no avail , Police never Came ! It’s your turned Officer’s to do your JOB ! Mr .Cobbler with all due respect ,you should ask the Magistrate , what message have He sent to the accused,and the rest of Barbadians by granting the Pusy is Pusy Guy bailed ! For Serious Indecency against a Minor ! The Magistrate actually is telling the Youngster /Youngster’s it’s OK and released the Mongoose back among the Chicken’s, but would remand person’s for a $5 bag of Weed ! Isn’t that Stupid ! A hard line on Ganja ,but not against Serious INDECENCY AGAINST A CHILD /CHILDREN ! SPEAK TO YOUR CORRUPT JUDICIARY FIRST Sir ! then Come back to the PUBLIC ! We would be here !


    1. Roland Cobbler I sorry to say but u dumb n arrogant and once again stop talking so much gibberish and unnecessary. Pointless speeches dat makes you look like a pracking unlearnt uneducated jackass y don’t u keep your mouth shut and keepoutta media domain if u don’t know wat to say .I am sick of seeing n hearing u talk so much ignorance braying more dan a jackass


    2. What message they sent when they give your boy gittens bail, and worse, before people who have been on remand way before him?

      One minute you want fair treatment because everyone innocent until proven guilty, and the next you want people lost ‘way in jail or calling gunmen to shoot people.


  11. He said the right thing and what joining a masonic lodge got to do with what he say i do not see the connection let common sense prevail. Duh got bajans that does turn a blind eye but would come here and talk bout it on socia media


    1. for him to HAVE to make that statement shows a breakdown in Bajan society. nothing new, but worth writing about….Dysfunctional bajans….. the focus is not COBBLER, but the STATEMENT he’s FORCED to make… public.


  12. Sorry I actually even misquoted his quote above. At any rate the man is a police officer so he obviously knows of instances where people DO turn a blind eye – and is saying that people should resist that. Just his convoluted way of expression.


    1. what was being highlighted is the mere fact that you have to BEG Barbadians not to turn a ‘blind eye’ to grown men interfering with young girls. that’s what is sub human….in a sense….. protecting children should be second nature in well run societies.


  13. He says that they “…shouldn’t resist turning a blind eye…” This actually means that they should report it. Barbadians I find can often have a quite convoluted way of expressing things – I think that they can often try to sound intelligent instead of trying to express an idea coherently.


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