TODAY AT 10:00 A.M. – Sundays with Charlie Spice

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure Radio)  Today, at 10:00 A.M. with Charlie Spice (


Charlie and I will speak in general about women and their place in the home, office and in her own lives.  As simple as this statement may seem, if given great thought, the woman would have to come to terms with her role as a birther:

“YOU create something that gets STRONGER than you and has worked to DESTROY the world you live in. What are you….other than being a FOOL that is…… — you are WOMAN”

Is the world built as a great disadvantage for/to women?   Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “TODAY AT 10:00 A.M. – Sundays with Charlie Spice”

  1. You the Black Man is the source of all things…which is the Black woman.
    In the Spiritual realm, she’s the Interceptor of all your need, even if it doesn’t appears that way in the natural.
    By Her weakness She’s the Strength of God.
    Without Her, GOD would have been incomplete…yes, She’s the other half of the glory of God.
    Black man, you only have that education, that great job, beautiful house, lovely children and good success not because of you, but because the Black Woman is blessed for your sake. All your need comes by Her, She’s the supplier of ever need including Her own.
    Black Man, respect, praise and protect Her…this is your part.


  2. The woman, being a vessel for God, just as the man also being a vessel for God, both will attract the wrath of those unseen entities, that worketh mischief against the Kingdom of God. It would appear to the carnal mind that they are both fools, since as your opening thought says that they create something that becomes greater than themselves, which eventually destroys their world. This is how it may appear to be, but we must not judge by the appearances only.. If they were to take the time and use the wisdom of their spirit to train up that which they had birthed, when it has become strong, it will not depart from it, but this is not being done. In this approach is where they are the fools, for they have set themselves up for defeat. The woman appears to be the weakest, because she will come under the greatest attack, because she is the bearer, of this new creation. Because she is the channel through which will come this great authority, that will one day rule all things, she comes under the greatest pressure, to drive her to abort her role, and not to fulfill her purpose. that being said, her purpose cannot be fulfilled without the support of her partner. Who must be there to protect and guide, and give comfort. if the woman fails, the Man has failed also. In a battlefield, every member of the platoon must function as one, even though each may have a different role and skill set, to ensure that the mission is an accomplished success. The problem with the minds of the people in this world, and even more so women, is that they think that we are here to battle against one another, but we are here to support one another in order to keep each other from falling as a victim, in this war for our souls. Stop identifying each other’s short comings, and step up and plug the gap, together we will stand strong against anything, but divided we will all be destroyed. The code of survival.
    Thus says the Lord of Hosts.
    Minister Anthony Durjan..


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