Woman fighting man after cruisse in Barbados

VIDEO–Barbadians’ Bad Behavior

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WARNING – Some Violence — Barbados making headlines for bad behavior.  Naked Departure


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10 thoughts on “VIDEO–Barbadians’ Bad Behavior”

  1. Lol Bajan to the bone I see you have gone man you are a true Bajan so I expect nothing less if these ladies was attacking you let me see you being the man and walking away . learn to walk in people shoes and not just fit them on


  2. No name !
    I don’t no about you ! but I see all Female’s as Ladies , I can Understand if you said they are not behaving Lady Like ! Example if Two dog’s Fight dose that means they’re no longer dog’s any More ! No ! if two Male Police Officer’s fight , dose that take away from they Manhood ! No! It Simply means they have not behave Gentleman Like ! the reverse is a Man do not fight With Ladies ,, a Man Walk’s away before he put’s himself in trouble , he leave’s the house and cool his head ! A boy now Lack’s Wisdom and Understanding believe beating a Lady is Cool and macho ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! !


  3. Only a little boy would fight with a lady hmmmmmmmmm show me which one is a lady . All of the people in this video are wrong let’s just say that and to the instigators they should b ashamed


    1. shut ya mouth… these women just as vicious as de men…if a woman hit me and she in de wrong i aint taking it… women take nuff liberties and hit men just because they know a man gine get in trouble if he hit dem back. I aint beating no woman because of jealously or a need to control or anything..that is nonsense. But let one of them hit me to embarass me in tow or anywhere out and she in de wrong and we gine see. They want equal rights take equal licks.


  4. THEN ! You all want to Chastised those School Children ,the other day for fighting on the Bus ! Him ! Only a little boy would fight with a Lady !


  5. It is embarrassing to be a Barbadian at times. The children did it but ‘adults’ who one assume would be more mature leave no proper example for the youth to follow.

    I need to constantly remind myself that the older someone is it does not mean that that person is necessarily more mature.

    Discipline should not be about punishment but rather about self-control. Where was the self control or discipline in that video? .


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