Yoga instead of detention (Photo by Colby Ware via OSI-Baltimore)

Does “Detention” Help Children or Precursor for Jail Life?

BARBADOS/THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — DETENTION — Instead of that hateful precursor to jail life utilized by teachers in schools against immature/young, agitated children, why not replace school jail a/k/a detention with something positive?  There are programs in the USA being suggested by some very forward-thinking adults that are helping children cope in this very stressful world.

For example, there is this school in Baltimore.  The educators there have gotten rid of the outdated, useless tradition known as detention.  In its place, folks at the Robert W. Coleman School have created a meditation program for students.  Maybe the Ministry of Pedophiles in Barbados (hopefully without exacerbating the pedophile problem) could take a look at this program.

The children practice yoga (and yoga is not devil worship), mindfulness, meditation, centering and breath work.  They combine all that with extra-curricular and academic components (and dinner) to empower youths with the skills for peaceful conflict resolution, improved focus and concentration, greater control and awareness of thoughts and emotions, improved self-regulation, anger management and stress reduction.

Sounds like a win win situation right there!  Here’s one way you can get rid of that dull, outdated tool in your school house (detention), treat your children like human beings and focus on a bright future.

Naked Departure (Photo credit: Colby Ware via OSI-Baltimore)

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4 thoughts on “Does “Detention” Help Children or Precursor for Jail Life?”

  1. The concepts espoused here, are too forward thinking for Barbados, and Barbadians. The current educational climate in Barbados is an antiquated, plantocaracy system, that starts with an out of date ELEVEN PLUS EXAMINATION, and ends with Barbadians remaining in plantation workers mindsets. The biggest failure in the way Barbadians think, starts with their mis-educational system, and filters down to the socio-economic trappings of a degenerate, sub-human 5% led repressive system. Barbadians are only prepared for national failure, no more, no less.


    1. It is true, the powers that be wont even entertain such ideas because its their nature to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result.
      Yoga seems nice albeit ive never tried, ive done some deep meditation just prior and after waking from sleep.
      Affording kids and in turn adults of the future the ability to detatch themselves from their emotions as a clear thinking individual reflect on events and happening in their life with the idea of sound decision making can only be a plus.


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