Drones in Barbadian Skies

dronesBARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hello ND.  Firstly, let me congratulate you on a job well done.  All of us are in the dark but you have allowed individuals to be informed of the happenings in Bim.

Naked, I sometimes soar the sky with my toy…I call it a toy because I like to use it. I enjoy soaring the sky looking at the sea trees roads, etc. I use my drone on weekends. I see a lot of things. Some of the guys are doing nuff foolishness with their drones and skinning their teeth. We in Barbados need to stop preying on people privacy and doing as we like. I heard that the Police has drones.  They need to go around policing the sky especially at night.

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To make a long story short I heard that people in St Lucy and St peter are being spied upon. Well let me tell ya.  People especially ladies who bathe outdoors look upward more often. Buy HD cameras camcorders or some device which uses HD. Some of the drones are piney so you cannot see them with your bare eyes. Ladies when you are in your houses relaxing put screens at your windows. Do not leave your doors or windows open unless they have screens. Nuff perverts are out there. The drones are landing on your houses and racing in your backyards even teasing your animals. BARBADIAN LOOK OUTDOORS TO THE SKY AROUND 1 a.m to 5 a.m and over your houses you need to buy cameras camcorders, etc. with these devices you will see the small drones. There are big drones too which move super quick shape like butterflies, airplane, birds, sticks a lot of different shapes I did not even know.  Women at bus stops look up men at work look up children in the park look up!!! They are dropping chemicals too. You may feel something falling on you but when you look up you see nothing. Those of you who can hang your clothes indoors please do so!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE DRONES. A LOT OF WICKEDNESS. NCD?? Oh no!! no!! no!! Think again.  Mr. Commissioner send your officers to police the skies around 1 am to 5 a.m. especially.

Barbadians please be vigilant!! look out for your fellow man!  I hope some of the guys will send you videos of the drones invading people privacy.  Stay tuned!  Thanks Naked!!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Drones in Barbadian Skies”

  1. Colin ya talking bull do you know that some drones are small like flies and mosquitoes? yes they are dropping something on people. All do not keep noise. SHUT YA MOUT DOooo! I saw some high up i mean real high you can see the clouds so yah talking junk. They dropping a purple powder something like smoke around ppl house too . Colin I want to know wha that is?Wanna probably in de doo too. Police need to police de sky fa true! Bajantodebone I wid ya!! ZAPPIT!!


    1. You can get small drones yes, not the size of mosquitoes of course (I think you may have been watching one too many sci-fi movies there), that have a tiny range and generally are flown indoors to this limited range. Similarly the cameras on these small drones (if they even carry one) are of a very poor quality.

      There is a legal limit in Barbados of 400ft and restricted flying areas too. It is policed and if you see anyone breaking these rules they should be reported immediately and their license will be revoked along with their drone confiscated.

      As for dropping purple powder… well, I think the only one who might be dropping powder here is you.

      The article and comments like these are ridiculous – they are un-researched, have no basis in reality and are a complete scare tactic to stir up fear.

      I suggest actually going along to a flying club, doing some research in the field or even, heaven forbid, actually talking to a drone owner/pilot before spouting off such unadultered nonsense in the future.


  2. Drones are noisy, noiser than a kite. You can hear them and see them very easily. The cameras on them are effectively GoPros – they cannot spy on you silently from 200ft, the cameras are not high enough quality. They are not dropping chemicals on you. Stop spreading ridiculous nonsense.

    I’d be more worried of the fact you can buy a consumer photography camera with a 200mm zoom lens that can see through your window from 1km away – silently.


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