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Marlon “Showtime” Brathwaite

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARLON BRATHWAITE — Naked, I want to send a message out to a certain young lady who works at a West coast hotel.  YOU CAN DO BETTER!

I ain’t going into much details cause I int want Marlon Brathwaite to know exactly who writing this.  This is over a year now I trying to get she from round this man.  I send my girls to confront she in de gap.  I make a fake facebook to tell she bout he and the dirt he did doing.  Two of them like them had problems after cause pics get delete and nobody wasn’t tagging nobody in nein nuh more.  Then a few weeks ago I see them commenting on dem one another pics again.  So I mek a fake IG this time and add he.

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Naked you would not believe how good I had he.  He overseas working now right.  I had the man feel I is a foreigner.  This wuffless ****h was ready to send me plane ticket to he and want me “come Barbados” to he when he come home on vacation.  Look I had this man so good.  He start talking bout *****ing me and all.  Send me ***k pics and bad talk the girl.

Naked, I screenshot and send everything to the girl cause from wha I hear he had she feel he want get back together.  F****ing user he is.  I did feel bad for hurting she and I know she did hurt but she need to know she could do better than this manipulative *****.  I  learn the hard way with he cause when he come home and he did *****ing you he was *****ing me too.  After them did done when the pics get delete he use to come at me and talk bout she in the worst way.  Matter of fact he tell me when he come home he want settle down wid me and thing.

Naked this man so liared hear.  Ironically this fella that use to ***k round my best friend working on ship wid he.  I get my best friend to sweet talk and chat he up.  She even promise he lil p*****.   So we start questioning the fella bout Marlon and you should hear some the things he had to say.  He cross there ***k*ng down the boat same way.  All the white women he *******.

So we get he add she on Insta and chat she up but she ain’t let on.  So he start sending she pics he secretly Tek wid Marlon and the women when he ain’t looking.  This man is a pure con artist and I glad I **** off a he.  At first I was running she to keep he.  But now I realise he ain’t deserving of none of we.  As long as I living I Gine let anybody he **** with know bout he.

Naked I sending some the screenshots as proof cause people gine feel I making this up.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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8 thoughts on “Marlon “Showtime” Brathwaite”

  1. Muh girl y u spending so much time minding this man business and mekking ya deleted look small??? By d looks of it d man in’t studying u ya know… know when I let go u worth more than the too


  2. Good man this Marlon. You women want him because he’s getting puss. If he wasn’t getting tons of pus you would be calling him soft and none of you would want him. You get what you pay for. The more vagina a man gets the more women throw theirs at him.


  3. Dear Writer,
    the time yu tek tuh create all de se accounts you could o look fuh work and mek some money, de time you tek tuh blacklist de man you should go wash yuh stink mouth and p—–, de time you tek tuh mind people business you should tek de time tuh clean yuh dirty house. YOU ARE SCUM YOU ARE JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP


  4. You are just as much a s—-t as the women he was dealing with on his woman in the first place. The only good one in this story is the woman he had. I cant stand you conniving hoes…


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