Public Service Warning re: Smith and Williams

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHANELL SMITH and BRIAN WILLIAMS.  Good morning Naked Departure.   This article is about Shanell Smith aka Barbie or Scorpion of Accommodation Road, Spooner Hill St. Michael and Brian Williams (Melody) of Black Rock.  Sadly Naked, they are both afflicted with contagion and they know this but are still not being responsible!

Naked, Brian has been seeing Shanell for more than a year or so and he gives her money to keep everything on a low profile.  She still works up Bush Hill and he does use de vehicles to take her up there and he would work up there too on occasion.

They are lovers but they act like it’s a secret.  He stays at her apartment late or sometimes till morning and tells de inside woman he’s been with the guys.  She would have to be born backwards!!  Looks like she believes him but the proof is here (two side-by-side photos are not proof).

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Shanell feels that she’s a bully but *****, nobody up your side cares a **** about you so get your facts right.  Stop poisoning people with your contagion.  They both deserve each other.  Brian Williams is a total loser anyways and all he does is ****, smoke weed and eat de ***** **** because de d dead.  You two need to get your life together!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Public Service Warning re: Smith and Williams”

  1. I truly can’t understand why people who are sick try to make other peoples life’s sickly and miserable. This needs to stop because innocent life’s are at state and they get no help of defending themselves. De wicked bitches out here does get de praises.


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