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Theo Ward of Barbados Defense Force

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THEO WARD — Naked, I need this post because these married men does don’t know how to keep them vows.  This BDF married man Theo Ward going about messing with Miss Lewis who is in the sports program and got he wife they.  She does pick he up from work and go about the place.  Them go in gym together and she about the place saying she gin take away him from his wife and how she doing he and not he wife.

Naked, that is bare crap.  She about the place messing about for a position.  These BDF men real nasty.  I does work with them so I know because he horn she already wid a Jamaican girl who was about the place saying she pregnant for him.  Naked it in right!!   Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

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5 thoughts on “Theo Ward of Barbados Defense Force”

  1. You work with the BDF my A**. One thing a soldier , or those connected to the military learn early, is not to rat on a buddy, whether you like him/her or not.


  2. You the writer sound like a real paranoid, idol, bewitch c—. If you trying to scare people or trying to turn them foolish just like you, try again.


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