Letter detailing rape

12-Year-old St. Lucian Girl Raped and Pregnant

CASTRIES/ST. LUCIA (Naked Departure) — A thirty-two year old man is accused of raping the child of a family friend.  The young girl, who is inconsolable, is blaming herself and is in need of counseling.  Family members expressed grave concern that the man accused of the rape has not been arrested and is free to flee the country if he so chooses.  They expressed views that perpetrators should be publicly NAMED and SHAMED.

After the little girl got the courage to tell of her rape, she was examined by doctors who determined she was three months pregnant.  Her accused rapist also recently had a young child from another woman.

“Men too perverted” were the shouts from family members.  You cannot trust your girl children around these men folks — not brothers, uncles, NOBODY!!

Naked Departure

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5 thoughts on “12-Year-old St. Lucian Girl Raped and Pregnant”

  1. Yes man for a long time now we gone to the dogs there was a time when dogs were supposed to be man’s best friend but some people especially women took it to the next level


  2. Aunties either life has just become one big orgy,man woman boy or girl everybody fooping one another it’s so bad even the dogs are involved


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