I woke up like this — INCEST

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) Naked, I get out of bed this morning like this.  You can maybe crop out and put it up (not published, pornographic in nature). Not the first time most the time on the weekend. It my father cum.  It don’t made sense writing a long letter bc he not going to stop. He like me more than my mother. He only come her to had s*x with me. Sometimes it ok. It get accustom now.  (Verbatim)  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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8 thoughts on “I woke up like this — INCEST”

  1. There are some stories when you read them, its hard to conclude that it is a hoax. This is distressing and i hope its resolved soon,,naked breaks these things first and shortly after we see the reaction by the authorities ,, thanks to Naked keep up the good work, no one should have to endure this sexual abuse, if only the child care board was serious they would have an anonymous email/phone for these instances but they rather run after the rasta family than cases like these which are truly in need of investigating and disgusting.


  2. TheJustician ! 2016
    Big Knife Under Ya Pillow ! and Stick in his big fat Vein /Jugular ! Ya Sound like a real bad Man ! Justician , ya Sound real Violent in this Little Island ! You can take over Barbados with this kind of tone ! Ya got me real frightened ! I would have to Speak to my National Security Minister Bad Man Adrian , this seems like a national Security threat ! Justician ???


  3. Don’t mind them love do not report your father…What you can do is poison him I can by the poison for you dah easy I would love to hear you poison him and watch him die a slow death. I have two teenage daughters I couldn’t even imagine kissing them on the lips or slapping them on their asses..as for these ads that are on the Radio for unicef don’t worry the authorities will investigate I laugh out loud every time cause they’re a waste of time. I don’t care what color class or creed you are he needs to go down and soon you’re accustomed but it’s oh so wrong


  4. Send the pic to your mother, and any other family members/ responsible adults you can trust. Keep a very sharp knife under the pillow/mattress. Stick it in the big fat vein (jugular) in the side of his neck.


  5. I ask the race for a Particular reason , Some race’s see this Sick behavior as normal , and to ××××××××××××××××× Within the Family Only ! Sick ! Sick !


    Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! !


  6. It does not matter race or age all that matter is that you should report him and then set his dick on fire never accept or come to accept anyone doing an evil act on you no matter who it is .Have a say and a voice in your life.Stand up shake yourself off and fight back because, other wise you are going to fade away bit by bit. Fight back because ,we as female are stronger then we credit ourself.


  7. HUH !
    HOW ! Old are you ! What is your Nationality ! What Race are You ,Black ,White Indian ,Hispanic ,Please tell US . and by the way , never gets Comfortable with SIN ! YOUR father is SICK IN HIS HEAD ! Any Man that Sex his daughter or bull his Son or Son’s is Very Sick ! those thought’s do not and i repeat do not entertain a normal Man’s Heart or head ! It’s a Demon Spirit of INCEST ! Stop ! him now ,it’s going to get Worse ! He have done this Sick act so much it appears normal to you Now !


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