Destroying Haiti

INVADE HAITI; A place too RICH for its own good!

HAITI (Naked Departure) — THE SILENT INVASION — Haiti is far too rich for it to be owned by black people.  Not only is Haiti rich, the people there are willing to fight (they fought three empires: British, Spanish, French) for what’s theirs.  So, what’s the problem now with Haiti?  No, no…it’s not the Dominican Republic, it’s way bigger than them!  Haiti has been invaded by the master of invaders……

…..America (in God we Trust) — and God is on her side!

America wants a piece of that action.  America is going to show those three losers (the British, the Spanish and the French) how to effectively invade a country.  They’ve worked their way into Haiti’s business via the political landscape.  But this time…, this time God is on her (America’s) side.  God and his occasional acts known as hurricanes and earthquakes.  And while God is busy doing acts only a goddamn God can and would do, America shows up as saviors: DISASTER CAPITALISTS!

And should there be any (just a few) crumbs left under Haiti’s American table, Barbados and other scavenger countries scurry on board to eat them!


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Haiti, you don’t have a chance in Hell, as even your VooDoo dolls are telling you.  White people don’t take kindly to black people who fight.

“… Haiti has fought and defeated the greatest armies in the world,” he starts. “The Spanish, the French and then the British … And then they defeated Napoleon’s armies… In 1804, [Haiti] declared itself an independent state. [Haiti] declared itself a sovereign state. The only time in human history a slave revolt resulted in the formation of a nation.”  Danny Glover

Naked Departure

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