Joshua Julien

Joshua Julien, be a father to your child!

Barbados (Naked Departure) — JOSHUA JULIEN — Dear Naked.  Bajan men could be such dogs.  This guy that I know Joshua Julien is the latest.  Partying here and there on IG posting about with women — bear in mind he now get a child from a girl in August.  He was never there for the girl during her pregnancy.  His parents found out about this girl at 6 months pregnant even after then he didn’t do his part.  Three doctor appointments he went to.  Also, he had another girl pregnant as well.  The girl killed the child (thanks be to god!).

Joshua f***s everyone bare back and don’t care at all.  He has a beautiful daughter and don’t set examples for the little girl.  Imagine the little girl is two months.  Before he stay home and be with his family he on cruises with a woman posing about and before she tell him what’s wrong from right she’s encouraging him.  I watched her snaps they at a hotel for a weekend while his child mother is home.  Joshua has no friends at all.  I was Joshua friend from the time he told me the girl was pregnant I said to him is time to grow up.  Joshua lies for conversation in all his child mother has to be shame.  Any woman would be.  To the fact he pays partying and a woman more attention than his family.  He is now balling got on polo this and that Joshua you remember when you had no clothes at all?

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Them two button down blue shirts and one short pants and long pants now you balling you got the world.  I was your friend but I don’t respect what you’re doing is time you stop and realize you’re a father.  Partying isn’t all isn’t it.  Your friends need to tell you grow up.

At one point you said to me you’re not ready no one is ready for fatherhood.  You are over doing a joke just think what you put your child mother through. And how people laughing at her and you cause of what you’re doing.  After all she was there for you when you was down but when you fall again I would hope she don’t look at you.

Let Rico and all your so-called friends that cut your throat behind your back help you.  Fathers of today good fathers please help this guy to understand what he is doing is wrong.

Sorry Joshua I was your friend but what you’re doing is wrong and I am tired talking to you.  Feel it on your own, some day.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Joshua Julien, be a father to your child!”

    YOU! thank God ! the Other Child Mother had an abortion ! Other Word’s Murdered ! an Innocent Child that never ask to be in this World ! or done her or the Father any Wrong while they were engaging in unprotected Sex, and bring forth this Child ! in to a World He /She never had a say in
    then to Murdered the Child, because two Reckless Idiot’s decided I don’t want it anymore , like it’s a tin of Corn beef ! Yo take to the Cashier ,then decide I don’t want it anymore ! If ya don’t Want Children don’t tek the Sperm ! make the man Cover UP ! and the Father need’s to STOP! dropping his Sperm ! all Over Barbados ! It will Come back to haunt him Sooner than later ! MEN !support your OFF SPRING ! the Child or Children are your DNA ! And for the Current Mother I applaud you for bringing FORTH your Child in to God’s beautiful World ! Put the Useless Creep for a Father in Court ,for Child Support ! and be Strong and raised your Child
    thanks for not using the Lower road of death to your Child , but the Upper road of LIFE to the Fetus ! ask God’s blessings and protection on your Child daily , and to Covered She/He with the blood of Jesu’s . He will Provide . Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 .


  2. Women need to respect them self, she must have a low self esteem or looking for a father figure.To go around pick up dirty man like this one mention here who like to have sex with every girl bare back. you got to have some mental issues .
    you said we don’t know half the story but you told us in the above
    she said enough and I see de pic .josh is a man who like to party and haveing multiple sex partners and he not about protection at all. He have no intention to be burden down with a family he think he to young for that , he like new technology snap chats IG he can’t live without his phone joking around is his thing .
    He can’t be easily influenced Cause you are tiered talking to him ,The woman he posing and posting pic with is supposed to tell him what is wrong from right so he child like .Josh is a black man and adding to to the population of childless lying black fathers.
    And yes he was down and out clothes less bum when you met him ,he like women to buy him clothes so he like hobby class .YOUNG LADYS KEEP YA ALL LEGS CLOSE , And josh stop joking around town .You told the whole story with out realizing it.


  3. Meanwhile y’all bashing the child mother. JOSHUA is what you call poor great. JOSHUA puts on a front for the gram for the girls. So unless you really know josbua you would think he’s this nice good guy. So quit bashing the child mother.. you all don’t know half of the story.


  4. So i am left to assume that he was an angel fallen from heaven before? Highly doubtful – These young girls like these nuisance men – they cant keep from around them and then they cry and complain. why oh why


  5. Oh give me a bloody break ,You all walk bout and foop bout with josh Jude John .and come on here pretending you is friend.Tell de prime minister be a prime minister to he country for Christ sake amen.
    Jack ass ,you can’t party now that’s all cause ,Look brown skin girl ,stay home and mind baby ,while josh party down town and make more baby . You haven’t said a word about financial support. .KEEP WANAH LEGS CLOSE!


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