Smith, Nation employee assaulted by Officer

Man Assaults Journalist in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NATANGA SMITH HURDLE — The Nation took great pains to show their angst over what amounted to an assault of Natanga Smith, a Nation journalist.  The prime minister did not want them around him during a private meeting held in public, so a member of his entourage took it upon himself to shove Ms. Smith.  We assume this is a black man (hardly would any white man work as security in Barbados), and his name was kept ‘secret’ in Nation’s report.

Karen and Kyle Harris
Karen and Kyle Harris

But, however, this is not the first time Nation journalists have been assaulted in Barbados.  In fact, when the famous, or infamous, Karen Harris went missing and the white people came out heavily armed with their pissy attitudes (at the thought that a black man may be stiffing [by rape that is] a white woman), they kidnapped a watchman (he feared for his life was not able to move around at will) and they also attacked a photographer calling him a ni**er and told him to ‘get out of here, we have this covered’….or something to that effect.

“Lennox Devonish was ‘confronted’ in an area opposite the exit to the Gun Hill Signal Station, St George, minutes before the news broke that the 49-year-old wife of businessman Kyle Harris was found.  A man who identified himself as Ben Harvey-Read and a female identified as Jodie verbally assaulted the photographer during a loud tirade of expletives.  The two became highly aggressive as they ‘ordered’ him to stop taking pictures and to immediately leave the area where the search was taking place.”

Whatever happened to that case of kidnapping and the case of the offensive, racial slurs (a hate crime) to a member of the media?  In both instances, “fear for life” entered the equation, not to mention the white people where heavily armed.

And now Ms. Smith….  Whatever will you do?!!

Naked Departure

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12 thoughts on “Man Assaults Journalist in Barbados”

  1. How convenient, especially coming on the heels of ND drawing fresh attention to the morris case(s), people decrying the lack of a functional media, now people rally in support of a nation journalist who was “pushed” (gasp!) while seemingly, as I’m sure it will be painted, ‘defending the people’s interests’… couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for the nation’s image, or at a lower cost. No one sat in jail, or had their home ransacked, files stolen, or anything else that real journalists endure, or would endure for digging into the auditor general’s claims, finding confidential information and sources, tracking public officials’ (e.g. DPP, A-G) waiting for the opportunity to assail them with hard questions concerning rumours etc. and risking all to bring the truth to light. Certain fields ain just a lil pick; they are not for just anyone. They come with responsibility, and require backbone to be done properly. Journalism is one, as digging up the truth makes enemies. So, when the media doesn’t have any enemies…

    The media here in general puts out gov’t’s propaganda unfiltered from pre-arranged press releases and conferences where no unanticipated questions are asked. I would like to believe this indicates the start of a new era.


  2. IF! Our dearly beloved Journalist was a White Barbadian Journalist , Our prime minister of Barbados , Would have invited her Over with a Smile and Opened arm’s to Covered the event , but On Seeing a Black Journalist Standing by , doing her Job and happened to be a Lady Caused Rage ! to our Elected prime minister , On Seeing that the Special Branch Officer ,See’s it as an affront to the Prime Minister , and took Matter’s it to his Owned hand’s , by Confronting the People’s black Journalist , and CHUCK her as if She is a Stray Dog ! Loitering on the Side Walk ! of Barbados built by the tax payers of Barbados this is 2016 Not 1816 ! Should not go Unpunished ! When the Police Carrie’s out their Job IN a Professional Manner ,BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! Would back you with my blood ! If it’s unprofessionally Carried out , I would also Condemned it with my blood and Sweat . BAJAN to the bone 2016 .


  3. now if that is what really happen,that the PM first dismiss the news team like flies in the manner it was reported i am so ashame of our PM, once again it show how out ministers here can be bought to have things done, so hand to mouth and on the take these ministers are, bajans can talk till the cows come home its a done deal, the hotel will go ahead .town and country planning pockets will be fill along with members of our government , once again we are or will be sold to the white man, and by who our black brothers, its africa all over again, these ministers here are a bunch of dog, as long as they cant benefit from something to put money in the pockets they take that something and bury thats what dogs do,there are so many hotels but yet government borrow two hundred million us dollars to rebuild sam lords, why a prive person couldnt have bought the land and do it, the hotel down st peter that government bought ,, they cant even get it running, they also put over ninty six million dollars in four seasons out of our NIS, that was ppl hard earn money, and they took it with out permission, thats robbery, no government is allow to do that its not their money, twenty five thousand a week for a tractor, my goodness could have bought a new one, they getting all these loans and putting all these taxes that bajan must pay, but yet no pay increase for workers, this government worst that the private business ppl, I SAY THIS GOVERNMENT MUST GO, i will votes again you all next election, i will votes again even in heaven or in hell,, you must go, you all getting fat off ppl both chris and staurt both now look like ferdernan the bull from the cartoons, miss london has fallen,


  4. this disrespect unfortunately will continue and escalate I am afraid. Bajans refuse to listen so and repent. We are the true biblical Israelites. Jeremiah 4:22
    for my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.


  5. Who told you that there will be a General Election in 2018? What we are witnessing now could be the embryonic stage of a Barbados Mongoose Gang. McGabe, Bokassa or Burnham? Take your pick


  6. SO ! The Prime Minister SECURTY TUG’S ! Assaulting Our JOURNALIST For taking a PHOTO of the COUNTRY’S PRIME MINISTER !IN PUBLIC IF this was the Year 2018 ELECTION’S TIME ! this Would n ever had happend, LET me make it Clear , THE PRIME MINISTER OF BARBADOS HAVE NO PRIVACY IN PUBLIC ! WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE BARBADIAN PEOPLE ! Mr.Prime Minister ,you are our Elected Servant , Employed by the Barbadian People ,to work on our behalf , We pay’s your Salary , you have no Privacy in Public , your Office and your Home , make those Statement’s not on , Her majesty the Queen Hi ,Way .
    The Police have been fighting with Journalist in Barbados for a long time now ! .

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