Kareen Clarke, Jezebel

All Hail Queen Kareen Clarke

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KAREEN CLARKE — Naked, Naked, Naked, I glad that people finally talking about that Jezebel name Kareen Clarke.  You would not believe how much a ***t she is.

She use to go to a brightly coloured church in the central of Barbados.  Naked she has no class or dignity going after Pastors everywhere she goes.  She get in church a night saying “Pastor A is my shepherd; I shall not want……” and you would not believe the Pastor didn’t stop her.  And reading it like a love poem.

Naked I know personally she had this Pastor coming at she house all types of hours then get up in church trying to be facetious saying “Sister A thank you for allowing your husband coming at my house late at night and early in the morning instead of being at your side….”.  That alone sends a message of what she really is. Naked, big hard back men almost kill she cause she try damaging them relationships telling lies when them reject she.

You would not believe she calls herself a Christian and men always at her house.  Back when me and she were close you would not believe the men numbers in her phone even some well-known men.  Pastors, politicians, well-known business men and the list goes on.

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From Veoma Ali to Rev Symmonds all have learned that Kareen Clarke is wicked and only in it for money.  If she can’t get you she will damage you.

Veoma Ali
Veoma Ali

“It was with shock that we read the report in the Nation newspaper (16 September, 2008) that popular Voice of Barbados (VOB) personality Veoma Ali  appeared in the Magistrates A Court and was released on $20, 000.00 bail.  Ali was charged  with an attempt to seriously maim gospel singer Kareen Clarke.”

She got pregnant for a pastor man a few years ago and the man run and left her in Barbados.

Beware of this dog cause you will wake up with flees.

Thank you Naked for allowing for a forum that people like this so call Queen can be dethrone.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


34 thoughts on “All Hail Queen Kareen Clarke”

  1. That is Pastor Allenge from Evening Light in Arch Hall. I know something was going on between two of them but you know we as Christian society don’t like to talk about the ills of the church leaders. We all fall short but some are held to higher standard than others.


    1. its soo funny how people jump to conclusions .. you will damage a whole person reputation based on your assumption!! smh .At the end of the day a person character will always come out on top. And any one who truly know this pastor will see this post as utter foolishness. Man will say i cant swear for any pastor but this accusation will never tint his character. its soooo sad how a silly assumption can make everyone gooo crazy smh. BUT WHAT EVER IS SAID THOSE WHO KNOWS THIS MAN NO THE TRUTH !!


  2. That is Pastor Allenge from Evening Light in Arch Hall. I know something was going on between two of them but you know we as Christian society don’t like to talk about the ills of the church leaders. We all fall short but some are held to higher standard than others


  3. now someone said that this was mention on a calling program, and the person was pissed at the fact that this person was talked about, now let me ask this who is she that some one cant talk about her, if you are in the public eyes you will be talked about, she plays in all corners of the field, some ppl say she is a bisexual but she is a opportunist, i heard that a radio woman and a woman who sing fought bad for her out side a house before that incident when she ended up in the hospital,, if you dealing in dirt and doing all the wrong things ppl will talk about you, i have no doubt she is a good girl maybe looking for love in the wrong places


  4. Only the Heavenly Father knows if all these stories are true, But what we do know is that God is a forgiving God and there is no sin too big that he won’t forgive once you humble yourself and repent. But what I read in his word (the bible) that he forgave David for the sin committed, because it was a natural thing, he went with a woman but destroyed two
    cities Sodom and Gomorrah because it is an abomination in his sight.
    Let’s all pray and ask forgiveness for all of our pastors and leaders and most of all ourselves. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.


  5. Kareen carry away a man from me I did feel so bad lawd I cry I lost nuff weight I was in love. But I got over it move on and found somone better the relationship didn’t last she just wanted to prove a point that she could get who she want I was hurt but I glad cause she gave him h***es. This woman aint easy at all


  6. Whenever there is serious crime or gunplay on the island we usually hear the church running their beaks & now that these issues with these pastors came up we can’t hear them.


  7. She right to expose he.. A mistake is having an affair once not sleeping with multiple women for years on end… He meet up on the right one Hahahaha after hurting and using an array of women it seems lol murdaaaa Bring out de tings do.. Hypocrites


  8. Why do we love to see the downfall of others so much as if any of us are perfect. Yes more is expected of church folk but they are human and prone to sin. We shud find ways to build up our society. Exposing has an effect for change yes but the counter effect is that more people will hide what they do better thats all. Wudnt it be better to counsel and heal these people and make a better society?
    Anyhow nobody aint got time for reason, destroying people releases more endorphins and so will cussing me out. so let we keep unmekkin barbados under the guise of improving it.


    1. Uncle Tom, what are you proposing that’s different from has been tried before? If everybody is afforded an opportunity to speak their minds and tell their truths/stories, there is no HIDING from that! You can’t HIDE from the truth and people who want to hear and live it and improve their lives and move pass SLAVERY.


    2. there won’t be any ‘downfall’ if people strived to ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’. all this falling back on ‘sin’ is why you are where you are. Keep that SIN crutch — don’t come around here with it!!! people here are working on self empowerment….which does not include the SIN trump card!!


    3. @bajan fly

      People will react this way because usually all the church does is condemn, cry down, beating everyone over the head with their bible and self-righteous high-horse accusations, like lucille baird the other day. When they see boys on the block, girls in the dub, it’s all fire and brimstone. Just as an example some time ago a neighbour of mine who was somewhat wayward, one night he was near a church and heard a pastor say something that touched him, and he for some reason walked into the church and sat down. Mistake. Pastor immediately turned from the message that made him sit down to how wrong he is for drink, drugs, guns, crime, violence etc., and all eyes on the guy, and the worst thing is the man was not perfect but never done half the things in his life, yet seeing his age and him liming on the streets and blocks, all those assumptions they had already made. Man get up and walk out. When the church in general comes at everyone with this holier than thou, I have never done wrong attitude, how do you think people are going to feel now it is someone in the church in the position of ‘condemnee’? I’m not saying that it’s right, but it’s only simple human nature for them to wonder where your fire and brimstone is now the shoe is on the other foot, and to rain some down themselves for a change.


  9. Everybody on the woman
    Why not the man too
    If he was true man of God he on gave in to temptation
    Plus alot of these Pastors use he hurch to hide up their WOMANISING ways


  10. Typical ‘Sheep’ exposing their ONE TRACK MINDS! People, especially the ‘churchy’ ones who have learnt the art of faking or pretence keep blaming women like this one. Stop making excuses for these men. Many women are approached and seduced by men on a daily basis; most just ignore or MAKE THE CHOICE to remain loyal to their husbands. The unfortunate women who do MAKE THE CHOICE to reciprocate the sexual attention from some of these HUNGRY MEN are never described as having a weak moment or she’s JUST HUMAN. So please, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He made HIS CHOICE when he took her on…it takes two. The universe has now presented us with his karma mostly because he is a popular man representing God.


    1. I was once told that the hospital is for sick people and the church is for sinners.
      i was also told that in order for there to be village rams there must be village ewes.
      i was told the taste of sin is usually sweet.
      I was also told the youth learn from the adult. Please stop blaming the youth when pillars in the society and the church are setting these type of examples for them .

      So those who should know better and talking about sinners the truth is there, Let him/her without sin cast the first stone.
      Maturity is not about age but rather about treating others with respect, humility and love (not that type).
      I really avoid the church door. The deacon in a denomination was having sex with the teenage girls on the altar. The gay (not happy) approached my son in church. Please remember i was told the church is for sinners the same way the hospital is for sick people.


  11. I know that both Kareem and the Pastor man are consenting adults but it really hurt me to see that something like this has happened and it had to go so public. God I’d not a God of exposure and exposure like this. Also if it is true that his wife leave him. I think that you should go back and stand by thisan when he needs you most. I will do my part and stand I’m the gap for this whole situation. It is so hurtful especially for the body of Christ. I hope Kareem gets the help mentally and spiritually that she really need and deserve.


  12. oh the sweet taste of sin,, every one that know her would tell you she is a bi****ch, the gospel song says you cant do wrong and get by,, she is a big time bisexual, that girl from up from up by bayleys school that work at rockley goal course was f****king clarke for years, i dont know just saying what i heard, dont know if she still do since clarke had the mishap with the radio girl, cause clarke told some one that this girl does f***k her, and if you see the girl she look and dresses like a man i was told, i also heard the same woman does f****k this man wife who work at a insurance company up by sky mall from st james,,i dont know i just saying what i heard,. i heard clarke aint really bisexual but in it for gains, guess clarke is a real super hero.


  13. I don’t know what she looks like now but she was absolutely gorgeous with a voice to die for she easily is one of the greatest singers to come from bim but she’s pure stress. She’s what you would call a catatonic schizophrenic but with her looks am beauty she was almost irresistible but when you see her coming treat her like a tsunami just run run run for higher ground..btw don’t look back


  14. THIS ! is Very Very Serious, and Sad I gets radical Sometimes , but I have a lot of respect for God’s House and his Servant’s , the Man Of God ! walk’s a Very tin Line when it Comes to the Church and God’s Word !


  15. Yes she a strumpet and seems to be proud. At the end of the day men are humans pastors are humans too and the flesh of man is weak , she knows this and pushes up to men spreading her legs lIke a flying fish wings and tempting men she has alot to answer for damn home wrecker cant get a husband so trying to wreck other people marriage she want castrating. From school days at the Garrison she did tekking man breeding and abortiong only bring that one child for that guy from Deacons hoping he would marry her de man F*k she trick he into thinking she was in thepill next thing you know she breed tell the man months later, that way she get to keep the child. Man went back to his woman cause he realise that she was a rat poor guy fell for her trap.damn nasty st


  16. THE POWER OF SIN IS DEATH ! ! ! ! Remember the Devil Used a Woman to destroyed Sampson ! and also Adam ! remember Adam and Eve ! It’s being repeated here ! Kareem Clarke , Please Leave the Men Of God alone ! the Price is to Great to Pay ! They are Paying Greatly for this Sin at the Moment , the Price is to Expensive to bear , it’s better to be in the World , with this activity , than the house of the Lord , Committing Such SIN ! God hold’s both accountable this is an affront to God ! Go your way and Sin No More !

    BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! .


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