Sex video out of Barbados

Another Video out of Barbados Starring Children

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Another sex video out of Barbados, and starring very young children, is circulating social media.  It’s an orgy, starring one young girl with many young boys.  One of the boys looks as young as ten years old.

Maybe the girl’s/boy’s mother can identify the window curtain and know where this incident happened.  This is the SEVENTH video out of Barbados this week received by Naked Departure.  Getting even a screen shot is difficult in most cases.

Between poor parenting and the pedophile educational system in Barbados, children don’t have a chance in that promiscuous hell hole!!!  Sex is always in the air and no one fu**ed/f**ks more than slaves and the children of slaves.  It’s their national pastime — it’s the culture!   Naked Departure

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Scene of orgy
Scene of orgy

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