Members of the Barbados Defense Force participate in a team-building drill during the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program subject matter expert exchange as part of Southern Partnership Station (SPS) Aug. 20, 2010, in Bridgetown, Barbados. SPS is a deployment of various specialty platforms to the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility in the Caribbean and Central America. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Kim Williams/Released)

Barbados Defense Force Personnel

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I was reading your articles on BDF personnel lately.  The people who wrote in on point but forgetting some things.

Andre Lewis not now bro but every since you was getting help from Theo Ward tho no hard feelings but you and the side piece still getting married?  But people also forgetting that Theo Ward does roll with that s**t Jason Mayers and Theo only marry that girl cause Jason Mayers went and get married tho.

Abigail Small not now I was waiting longggggg time for somebody to write bout you tho.  Also bout camp pimping drinks cause that’s all wanuh soldiers does do on the government time drink alcohol but the woman who write bout you forget that not only she you making miserable and breaking up life but you fucking and dealing wud a married man Kerry Byron from BCG and driving bout he jeep.  Lbarrrr and then you gine say it’s he wife who gotta study it not you.

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Oh lord Naked, I gotta mention Maliza Narine.  Sluggy is my boy right but bro you gotta wh***re that does f*****p bout on you from officers back down talk bout them pass she bout and she does walk bout feel she all that worst f*****ng medic them got.  Hate to go in there and but she and Christ she up here at paragon working 1 we dead the fu****ing worst don’t know s**t bout nun and always pimping drinks too.  She love to tell yuh a sad story bout she father and blah blah to hear you sad stories gain you trust feel she yuh fren and talk out yuh business behind yuh back.  Sluggy feel you a saint and you does wanna talk bout females how much men he feel you had in here and dealing wid.  All like f*****ing great peacock that feel he above everybody.  Oh lord don’t talk bout thief she’s a good big time thief.  Carry way shoes and give she sister say she buy them and carry way a whole f******ing phone.  Smfh.

Shamar Codrington glad you get ball out too everything is you to a fu******ing T wanuh won’t stop helping drug men tho day does run till night catch it tho.

Michkale Small that you does or useta f****** with that in reserves now how the f****** she get in part-time but smoking weed and pun people blocks tho.

All this fu*****ry Alvin need to deal with instead of talking 1 thing each year address all issues that’s what to do talking bout officers can’t got enlisted ranks but Small f******ing Byron and Harewood breed for Cummins and Wickham got a child from Deane.

Wanna talk about integrity but a whole woman forge a certificate but however soooooo much people do fraud in BDF and still here and get promote all like Horne that alleged got or dealing with a recruit.

But happy 50 independence.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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