Roger Husbands and Gay Pastors

Empowered Ministries in Bridgetown

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROGER HUSBANDS — Naked, you posted about Pastor Symmonds some time ago, but just an update…, he get suspended, so this site should be commended.   But that’s not what I’m messaging about.  How is it that Bishop Seale could suspend Pastor Symmonds, but still got a notable and notorious homosexual Roger Husbands leading Empowered Ministries in Bridgetown?

Naked, they all belong to the same denomination (PAWI).  The man so sick that he likes the young men in the church to call him daddy to fulfill his sick fantasies.  Why don’t Bishop Seale suspend this bulla?  Or is Bishop Seale also a down low gay?

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Roger Husbands is a known gay, drug addict and pedophile.  No matter how many people try to come to his defence, he cannot change his ways, or hide them for too long.  Roger Husbands encourages gays, young people who know no better, drug addicts and other lost people to attend his church so he can guide them along the wrong path, and Bishop Seale not only condones this, he embraces it.   Anonymous

Naked Departure


15 thoughts on “Empowered Ministries in Bridgetown”

  1. What ever happened to the case with Roger Husbands and the school boy who had pics of Roger Husbands dick in his phone?

    Independent journalists where are you?

    Stop letting this guy get away with murder!


    1. You feel the elite care.
      You know gays run Barbados.

      What happen to Remy who was in court for buggering a school boy?

      I gine barely send you an updated list of DL gays tho.


      1. It was a minor. The police don’t have to wait till someone bring charges, they can in the interest of protecting society from a known Gay Pedophile.

        Wa got me is how Erlene could be in cahoots with this man after what he did to that lil boy.

        You all even know the connection?
        How does one go about getting an article on this site?


    1. Bachweh, that is your choice. Nobody int put a gun to your head and force or tell you , you have to go. who ever choose to go to church is there CHOICE also.


  2. PURIFIED the House Of the Lord renewed a Clean Spirit in Me, O Lord .
    Let your Light Shine that the world may See and want some Of it .
    Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they Shall inherit the Kingdom .


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