Tonya Cadogan

Tonya Cadogan, Court Marshall

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TONYA CADOGAN — Naked, Naked, Naked…. this is the story of the century!  Let me tell you about this mu**y one here Tonya no shape all in one Cadogan, the Mu**iest Court Marshall in Bim.  Look at the facebook pic fah she here Naked, there is no comparison of how she looks there and how she is dress for work and in person.  Naked, she hair allways look nasty, she always look greasy and oh my gosh her clothing like there from the garbage truck.

The thing is, tell me this Naked. This mu*ty b***h is work in Oistins court right? and why no one can tell her that she need an upgrade from m*s*y to stunning?  But the thing is she is one dangerous b*****h.  This m**ty d****g always in people business and always knows for the world why?   Naked why people like she so doh?  What you is tah worry bout is how much c***** de man that yah marry tah is tek in he bullying a***** and since he bisexual how much ***’s yah got up in yah seat.

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Tonya mu*ty Cadogan don’t throw stones at me.   I shall catch all and pelt them back vicious for you.   I’ve been working long side of you too long now b***** and all of a sudden you want a war.  Well here it is.  You need firstly some soap, deodorant and perfume for your mu*ty a*****.  You nuisance!!  A word to the wise is enough!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Tonya Cadogan, Court Marshall”

  1. AD and Adrian. You two nailed it.
    I reading and waiting for the story to develop and the next thing I saw was “PREVIOUS POST’.
    WTH, story done. Naked, I begging ya “Please, please don’t publish the sequel’.




  2. Wow!!! that story is so earth shattering I can’t believe something so massive could actually happen in bim and not a single publisher ain’t contact you for a book deal. Man oh man where is Hollywood when you need them this is Oscar stuff. Great story my friend keep up the good work maybe one day you’ll even get a life 👍


  3. Now now ……I open naked this morning STORY OF CENTURY and this is wa ya got ? I thought you coming with news de whole DBlp cabinet gone and Obama is de new prime minister.
    Look woman ya off set my day .Every thing you write about this person is about ya self .Let me tell you this ,She is ya work colleague you said
    You don’t know why somebody don’t tell her about her decorum,that tell me you are a nobody ya malicious and a coward you seam to know everything about Tonya Cadogan you need to know ya self go and get some courage to go and speak to the lady .
    We got people dropping dead ,big men troubling little children politics of exclusion and you come here to pull down ya sister.I Say this about you ,YOU R A ALARMIST .


    1. AD your the coward…. why don’t you post your name… as I read she like she interfered with one of her colleagues. tell your friend stop interfering with people if she know she is so MUSTY as posted cause I in know umm. NAKED DON’T MIND DE PPL


    2. and naked since her friend can be cussing you so. you should do them a favour and insert the picture of her better. let us here see her true identity. show her face DO


  4. Lawd she is look so at work and is got tah deal with people. Girl you need to read work ethics code book. And got a man my Christ are you a she pig. You should be shame plus too always know bout ppl. Mah girl look in de mirror first before u war


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