Jason Barker

Jason Barker of Lodge Terrace

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON BARKER — Naked, I want to tell de mothers in Barbados to keep their girl children from around Jason Barker of Lodge Terrace.  Naked, he does stalk bare little under-age school girls.  I recently found out he was trying to sleep with my 15-year-old daughter.  He sending all kind of nasty messages to her on facebook and text messages.

This man is a nasty a** bu**er too, he been bu**ying from de time he was going to school at St. Michael.  All he does do is walk bout and f***** bare little girls.

He got about three children he doesn’t even support, he needs to be put in court.  It’s time for this pedophile to grow up and start f******ing women his age.  Naked, I heard he got some nasty photos on facebook showing the print of his nasty d****.

More about him is coming soon.  BE AWARE WOMEN.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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7 thoughts on “Jason Barker of Lodge Terrace”

  1. U al cud get off naked page sombody only has to say somtin an you all run off with it well he supports my child very well so thee writer you was his tramp an using your daughter your sick b***ch you ent get what you wanted thts all you saw him an feel you were his queen you jus got trick y a man like him would chat a 15 an his daughter from me is thee same age wanna bajan women need to stop an yes my cf is a wotless man but not to chat a 15 year old girl child


  2. To the writer: Your daughter is 15 and he ‘was trying to sleep with’ her. Given that, your post tells me two things .
    1. Your daughter was taking the talk good enough
    2. That she was taking the talk tells me that she likely fuuping already or looking to fuup
    3. That you recently found out ( did she tell you) meant that she didn’t tell you that she was talking to an older man.
    4. There is a chance he may have fhked your daughter and she just ain’t telling you or admitting it.
    5. Unless he sent her all those nasty images and text messages all at once (which i doubt he did) your 15 yr old was getting them and loving them.

    That’s five but you get the drift


  3. Yea he’s a bulla…he wanted to talk to me and use to send me nudes but my male friend warned me bout he since he sealed with him in the past… I block n delete him immediately. Thank god I ain’t none of them fast chicks that open my legs just so. Some of the men target these young girls cause they SOME of us older women know better.


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