Kaitlyn Ashleigh Morris

Kaitlyn Ashleigh Morris of White Hall Main Road

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KAITLYN ASHLEIGH MORRIS — Dear Naked Departure, I’m writing to you about a girl name Kaitlyn Ashleigh Morris from Whitehall Main Road, St. Michael.  Kaitlyn attended the Coleridge and Parry Secondary School.  While attending that school, Kaitlyn showed some signs that she would be promiscuous.

Now in her present day, Kaitlyn is fully exhibiting ways that will surely ruin her reputation.  Kaitlyn tells everyone about how poorly her mother treats her and beat her coming up as a child.  She said her mother doesn’t love her and is jealous of her.  She attributes her wayward ways to her childhood and the abuse.

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Now, she is messing with van men, of all the people to mess with!!   Naked, word on the street is she has had ***’s but thankfully was able to be treated for them early up this year.

Kaitlyn is showing that she has no shame in what she does.  She talks out all her business to any and everybody. When her mother isn’t home she takes men there (random men from facebook who message her and talk to her and ask to meet up).   She’s seen on the beach, in cars and also ZR’s acting poorly.  Rumour has it that Piley, a man who drives ZR 61 from the van stand out by Princess Alice terminal, and also a couple other men who breeze in the van stand, also had their way with her.

Naked, lately she’s in a group chat talking out all her nasty habits and these people are laughing at her.  She is also always with this pregnant talk telling people she’s pregnant for Nic, another van man, but in reality she isn’t pregnant.

Naked, Kaitlyn smokes the most weed and drinks the most alcohol in the van stand.  I have a friend who said her mother has a store upstairs Collins in which Kaitlyn takes men up there.

Naked, overall, the reason why I am writing this article is because we are very, very concerned about the road Kaitlyn is going down.  We don’t want to hear she’s pregnant and be a single parent, it’s hard enough having to take care of yourself.  And we don’t want to ever hear she is  HIV/AIDS positive.  The life she is living at her young age has us all very worried.

We are hoping that when Kaitlyn reads this she knows that people do care about her and we want her to start respecting herself and her mother.  Kaitlyn, you are beautiful, we love you, and you can call this TOUGH LOVE!  Wake up baby girl.  Bajan men are only going to use you.  Talk to your mother or someone you can trust.  Let them help you build your self esteem.  Make us proud of you Kaitlyn!  You are way too beautiful to just throw your life away!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Ashleigh Morris of White Hall Main Road”

  1. @ Piley. What makes u think she wants help. Maybe she just loves the feeling of a good 000000 inside her. Maybe she just likes the feeling of how an 000000000 runs 0000000000000000000000, The same way it feels good to adults, it feels the same way to young girls…in fact, i dare say it must feel way better.


  2. This girl needs help and this is how you expect to help her.rumor has it dat piley had his way with her but that is not so.please stop scandeling my name and stop intimidating Kaitlyn. You say you love and care for her but still scandalous her need……you really think this would help her


  3. Piley that drive ZR 61 does f**p you and now he get enough of you he move on to de next victim, go and get your self check you dompie that what you are call, don’t ply with nakedlites


  4. Lmao, I love how well written and matter of fact this one is, playing all concerned about the poor girl. Bitch, please. This is ND. Who feel you fooling?


  5. Young girls have been fuuping for years on end.. there is no solution for it other then tell them not to fuup around wild. If they want to fuup they gine fuup..


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