Kelly Ann Carrington from Black Rock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  KELLY ANN CARRINGTON — Dear Naked, this is to let you and people in Barbados know about this girl name Kelly Ann Carrington that works at a fast-food place in Warrens.

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Naked, this girl turn up in the Bayland from Black Rock liming wid a policeman and he girl who is she friend.  Now Naked, my man is also lime wid them and I start seeing she up in his face all day all the time.

Naked, now she buy a car and he does be dropping she home and work every day.  She also got a rent house that she can’t get done rent payment nor do bills that is why she children father run way or so I thought.  That is until I went to the doctor only to find out she give my man a *** that cannot be cured.  I only had his one and now this?

Naked, she goes to every block and get men and give out the *** now the three of us got to live with it.

Kelly Ann, please stop mashing up lives and deal with your two kids and leave out doing young boys, save your money for rent and apartment doctor visit for you and Zico.  Thanks for posting this Naked.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Kelly Ann Carrington from Black Rock”

  1. Smart and sensible people don’t blog about such nonsense as all your doing is embarrassing Barbados with your blog………..If you have such a problem go to the person and stop writing about them……..Would you like to be shamed…………..btw nobody gave you anything..you got it on your own freewill……….just like it was selling at a shop in the gap


  2. Thank you thank you thank you ND for clearing up what I always thought that Barbados has 98% illiteracy. How else can you explain a post like this? Thank God that Cannon Bone , Miss London, Jo, Blacksuga2 and a few fellow bloggers are in that 2%


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