Mark Marshall with Wayne Foster

Mark Marshall Teacher at the Polytechnic

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARK MARSHALL — Naked, Mark Marshall is a mechanic teacher at Polytechnic and the biggest crook mechanic in Barbados.   People don’t carry a car to this man to get fix you will be sorry in the end.  One time a girlfriend of mine from Harts Gap, Cheryl Sargent, send a car to him to get fix.  Man send it back to her the same way and took her money.  Mark loves to work on women’s cars because he think he would get pu**y in return.  His wife Dr Nesha Gibbons of QEH must be taking the most horns in Barbados.

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Mark even claim he does f***** a girl that does work with her.  This first-class crook Mark used to work at Courtesy Garage.  I Believe some dirt he did and they let he go.  He open his own business in Hostel Turning and treat the man that he renting the place from bad and it fail.

To know he teaching children that now come out of school at the Polytechnic is a horror. Mark’s buddy that works at Chick Mont, Wayne Foster, he want to f***** the most pu***y and when he girl Carla that went to Seven Days Adventist School leave he out man take it on and get small like a needle and had every body at Chick Mont breaking down with laughing.   Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Wendell Bailey)

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