Symmonds' Jezebel

SYMMONDS’ other Jezebels: Astra, Tara and Jennifer

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ASTRA, TARA AND JENNIFER — Naked, I am the person who start this ball rolling.  I will try not to use so much curse words this time around.  I read the last two posts about the queen and the way I see it, monkey see ground to run pun, but it is not her that is de Jezebel.

It is de TARA MARTELLY AND THE ASTRA GOODRIDGE who on facebook as ASTRA ICEE. Dem two is the one that keeping his secrets, study it good. Dem is de ones that was meeting him bout de place  in dem cars.  Astra co-workers say that he use to go up there BY PURITY BAKERS claiming he go to see his brother when it was she was going to see and how they would meet in the car park at PURITY BAKERIES. ASTRA was alwayssssssssssssssss a wh**e, and still is and head hard and vain is f**k, had not fuh makeup she would not be seen and can’t form two proper sentences  and she and ANDRE use to go by her house. Tings go now come out.

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TARA is the dancing wh**e and was one long before she went church.  Tara has a STD because since my first post I heard plenty about her.  Even HOSZIA HINDS f**ked her!  She is sickly and is a carrier and up in de people church.   She meeting Andre Symmonds all over de place even in her house in MAXWELL and out by de beach.  Naked, many times he went in de office with a herpes sore on his mouth.  What de f**k you telling me?  Yuh know what else dum also need to watch dem phones when dem chatting on Whatsapp, because he STILL communicates to both of them even though it under another name.  People on to wanna bi**hes.  He and TARA use to go to ACCRA TOGETHER and my sister and he used to have fights over this same TARA and his relationship with her.   If it is den that de queen expose his ass then KUDOS TO HER!!! His ass wants EXPOSING! He nasty and he wufless, he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR.  How de f**k you could be up on a pulpit everyyyyyyyyyyyy Sunday morning and f**king de members. Dat shit wrong wrong wrong and evil  and it did going on for yearssssssssssssss….

But more shit go hit de fan because my sister coming forward!  I had to convince she to do it because she see how he got somebody trying to blame de queen, but you go get fry.  I GLAD IS F**K the Bishop put his ass down and went public with it too.  I do not feel sorry for him at all. You got a wife home, with two children, and I learn just de other day hear that one of de children AUTISTIC and you bout de place f**king left right and centre and treating you wife bad too???

ANDRE SYMMONDS, YOU WANT BURNING  but yuh small do**y want chopping off and dicing first.  I Just hope that if de story bout de queen is true that she have enough evidence to BURY YOUR ASS.  But something would have to be true if not it won’t had gone public.  I en jumping on no f**king band wagon and do**in de queen fuh f**k, because if it take she to expose you ANDRE SYMMONDS and yuh wickedness and adulterous ass then so be it, because de other two lying JEZEBELS covering your ass and lying tru dem toenails to cover his nastiness, but God din need wanna, he had de F***ING QUEEN, cause she like she doan mek dat kinda sport.

I Wonder how many women he F**K IN DE CHURCH VEHICLE M3384, I wonder how many other women he flirt with from the CHURCH TELEPHONE NUMBER 234-1001 running up a phone bill of $14,000.00?  You tink dat information en known?  You en even have no respect fuh de church property!  YOU are an evil person ANDRE SYMMONDS, YOU AND YOUR JEZEBEL CONCUBINES ASTRA AND TARA.  De fact of de matter Naked, is that ANDRE SYMMONDS IS a  DOGGGGGG and I glad is f**k de wife put his lying cheating ass out!


Naked, last thing, dum got another dumb blonde dat supporting his folly.  She name JENNIFER HIGHLAND and she on fb as JENNY SOBERS.  Going on and onnnn bout Delilah yet a whole Delilah mek she change back she name, a** like her!  Horns in yuh a**, yuh assy.  Mind yuh f**king business yuh long Johnny.  De man like pu**y, more than you! Yuh pu**y su***r!  But my next post will be on her!  Eyes to see and still cahn see. Blind Bartimeus had more sight than you yuh witch and now he get expose she switching up she mout and want blood from de queen.

Ah whole man get expose for he nasty behaviour and you pun facebook turning on a woman.  People en foolish.  All ah you post now mek sense.  Only anudda woman would do dat to anudda woman.  You should know what a horn feel like Jenny?  Or should I ask your sister VERONICA SOBERS that does teach at THE PEOPLE’S CATHEDRAL PRIMARY SCHOOL bout all ah de married men she f**k from de Church and expose dem too?

My next post bout de SOBERS SISTERS!  Wanna give horns and tek horns.  All ah wanna demons still encouraging that ANDRE SYMMONDS in his folly are fools.  De sooner wanna come to grips with wuh really gine on de quicker wanna go get that he is evil and he been practicing it fuh years and lying and deceiving wanna idiots, and he got to pay for it.


Naked Departure

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  1. To the writer ur sister is no different to the other girls she is a whore too and probably got the same std so y u ballin out others and hiding her….ohhh plzzz ..the same small doggy she enjoyed


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