What is his name? Breadfruit?

Bajan Child Videos and Dysfunctional Homes

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CAUTION — Sensitive subject matter.  HAVE YOU ever asked yourself how come there are no sex videos coming out of Barbados involving white children?  They MUST be having sexual intercourse.  They surely must have the best cellphone technology and know how to operate the video section on their phones.  Why?  Why are there no sex videos on the internet with these white children?  Early indoctrination of white supremacy.  ND

Naked, the guy in the video that you are asking if anyone knows him, he lives in St. Stephen’s Hill and his father is in prison for killing his brother (Carlo).  Statistic!!  His nickname is Breadfruit.  The other guy at the top of the video is Donte.  They are cousins.

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Naked, Breadfruit mother’s name is Karen and she works at Tropicana in Swan Street.  Naked, that boy can’t be no better cause the apple ain’t fall too far from the tree.  His mother is only 35 and have 6 children the first two boys father in prison and the two girls father always in and out of prison.

Believe me when I tell you this Naked, they ALL started their sexual activities with INCEST.

The girl they are with in the video is retarded.  The police should look into that.  Depending on the age she’s stuck at, they could be raping an infant.

They are saying that the boys are of age.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Bajan Child Videos and Dysfunctional Homes”

  1. Sometimes we as people does think all of this is new these things were happening long time now just because of technology this y it is so in the open but back in our time and days some of u all does get on like u all never disobey u all mothers or did things that u all were not to do the gentleman is correct we all have children grand children and these r the future we need to stop being so juding as people and pray for the youths


  2. I would like you to expand on this charge in Barbados called having sex with an Idiot or imbecile cause i have never heard of it. If such a law is on the books I myself have to had sex with idiots before lol … On a serious note expand an explain this law because i dont think its a real thing. Sounds like something the old women down the road speak of but something that isnt real. So at some point in bajan history the law called a person an idiot? and charged “normal” minded persons for having sex with idiots? Dont Idiots have sex? Dont retarted people have sex? Dont they have wants? Dont they make mistakes? Dont they get married? Dont they love? Dont they sleep around? Dont they lie? Dont they steal? I havent seen the video but if a person of deminished capacity wanted to have sex and was exploited in the process it is no different than if a normal person wanted to have sex and was exploited in the process. The situation is unfortunate and the Imbecile should be protected. But how would charging anyone HELP the situation? still wouldnt stop the Imbecile from finding someone else to have sex with. Help the girl through phyc help or medication.


  3. This is really sad. If indeed the female is slow or as we call it retarded there is a charge in law called sex with an idiot or sex with an imbecile and all them should be hauled b4 the courts. It is hurtful to see that apparently there is no future for us. Because if these are supposed to be our future leaders Lord help us all. I hope they know that this will affect them later on in life, I just would like to get my hands on the one talking. Even the sound of his voice infuriates me. These are indeed sad days in Barbados.


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