BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GONORRHEA — Naked, so you got this lil no good infection p*****y scabby call Renee.   She does work Sheraton in da popcorn place sometimes.   Look, dis girl tell me she got she man I say orit dat ez caw I got my girl too.  She does live wid she man an ting too right but I think some place in St George but any time she come St Andrew da pu****y is mine.

So we was dealing pon the side till she infect me wid gonerrhea.  Listen dis my girl dun wid me caw I gi she sain and I know da only other body I was fu****ng wid was she.  Now I can’t see my lil man no more caw he mother int want nain more ta do wid muh.  Imagine now, I tell this bad looking musty cr***ch b***h that I get sain from she and she should get tested before she gi she man she does live wid.   Hear dis rassole now, play she telling me she int wah she and she man dun so I should not say nain.  But to be honest right she da have a real bad odor and she discharge was yellow and green and stink as c***t and she know and still give me the c****t.

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I only writing in to you caw she real hard head caw she int wah hear wah I got to say and up to now she int even have the decency to say she sorry or nain so.   I come to find out da the lil b****h is real wicked and ungreatful.  When she in St Andrew and hungry bad is a** I is who she would always call pon to gi she whatever she want and to know she give me a STD and treat me so I real vex bout it.

I tell myself to go to she workplace and shame she bad is rassole in Sheraton but I tell myself nah.  But I can’t get through to she at all.  Can’t really trust she who to tell how many other men she give STD and I know she man from seeing he ya know and I tell myself I gine let he know wah really gine on wid the lil scabby he does be walking bout wid all da time.

Come to find out down the line that the same lil musty crotch b****h was dealing too wid a partner of mine same time as me.  Let me tell you that I never hear nobody talk so dirty about a female yet the way I hear he talk bout she.  Di man say he does f**** she anywhere anytime c*****t fresh or fresh not and put she out he car and golong bout he business.  So I was dey telling he bout what she do to me and how she was getiing on and we end up laughing at she and she foolish man she got.

I don’t know how she man doa hear all dese tings caw everybody in Sheraton does be talking bout she.  Almost everyman dat does work dey got she skin the f**** out pon dem phone got dem d*****e in she mouth or she c******.  All now when i see she man I does laugh to myself caw I know what I know bout he girl and my partner plus other men.   Everybody that does know he does laugh when he pass.

Well Naked, writing in to these thing int my thing but I just had to get it off my chest.   Thanks for posting Naked.  You do serve a gud purpose when I think bout it in truth doa.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Gon·or·rhe·aˌɡänəˈrēə/noun:  A venereal disease involving inflammatory discharge from the urethra or vagina

18 thoughts on “Gonorrhea”

  1. Am I to believe that there’s a shortage of condoms and common sense in Barbados? How stupid can one be?
    Really???? Discharge, bad smell and you still went there?????. I don’t wish bad upon people but your penis should be falling off all now. I’m sorry for your girlfriend.


  2. Well well well don’t we just love naked departure…boy I was trying to find a word to describe you couldn’t come up with anything. So I’ll just give you some brotherly advice take up fishing go Northpoint and fish and accidentally fall off the cliff you’d be doing yourself a favor. Btw don’t laugh at either the man or the girl cause the only fool here is you and I have a sneaking feeling green thing oozing and bad smell you still eat and licked you lips cause you sound like a nasty boy


  3. YOU SIR ARE A FULL FLEDGED C***. Even though she p**** smelled and had a green discharge, you still turn round and f*** it. You idiot., you deserve what you get. Now you here trying to trash she name? Nobody aint mek you dig up in she cr***h, you do that on your own . Shoulda wear a damn condom , better yet , ya shoulda stay faithful to your woman. Bunch of damn stupid men bout this world stupse.


  4. I don’t be to hastily to jump on de bandwagon with these things,he sounds unreal he don’t even know her name ,to me he is trying to hurt this girl ,know what I think this is a woman ,too much talk to be a man or maybe he is a s**t.


  5. Always use protection because when u deal with these wild people and get something it makes little sense trying to talk to them because they dont want to hear that shit and will be dismissive and you’ll be left wonder, depressed and waiting for the results of a test with your life on pause…


  6. @ Lundy He is worrying about her and wants to talk to her because is is scared that she gave him something other than gonorrhea. He really really wants to ask her what else she has and potentially gave him and hopes that she can say something which would ease his mind. He is frightened. My advice is go go and get tested for everything. Why you would still deal with her with a stink vag is beyond me. That is an instant turn off and says alot about the woman and how she takes care of her body. For some women they are too shame to go to the Doctor while for others they mothers/sisters/aunts taught them nothing about vaginal hygiene and have been stink so long that they think its a normal scent.


  7. you stupid as f***** you should got 10 std’s not 1. you see ah yellow and green discharge n d c********* smell funny according to you and you still f**k it bareback. what an a*******


  8. so wait you see a green and yellow discharge and getting a scent and you still fk, it proves that the only head some of wunna men got is between wunna legs, so i guess condoms scarce, and wunna wanna blame de bullers fuh disease when it is wunna so call straight men and women that know wunna sick is c and spreading de disease, man kiss muh rh yuh idiot box


  9. Seems like he actually likes this woman though. Why does he care if he cant get throught to her? Why is she so important that he discussing her with friends and now naked departure? He like he didnt originally believe she was no good. Why you studying her man now when you get clap. You need to find out what else you caught cause i think clap is the least of your worries. P***y smell stink, discharge green, u still ride bareback. She did nothing to you. You did yourself. Protect yourself. People can cuss about those curable diseases but ya see the big A ya would go into hibernation cuz of the shame and discrimination.


  10. Sorry as hell you ain’t dead, you were not worried about your woman and child, when and i quote you were all inside of her smelly discolored p—y. I hope when you go up to her work place you get stuck down by lightening . Johnny like you saying you laughing when you see her man, laugh at the STD your nasty ass caught. Shite hounds like you need to be executed and thrown in the wharf.


  11. Use condoms, dont f*** scabbys. Could hv been aids or herpes. You should thank God aids dont transmit as easy as trich, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis. But it accompanies these mainly because herpes and syphilis can increase the risk of HIV three times. Lil poe does mek wunna men head spin, and you said she smelled and had a discoloured discharge and you still fp, man you crazy as sit, if someone had given you food which smelled bad would you eat it? So why fk a bad pu**y?

    Three bacterial STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis) and one parasitic STI (trichomoniasis) are generally curable with existing, effective single-dose regimens of antibiotics.
    For herpes and HIV, the most effective medications available are antivirals that can modulate the course of the disease, though they cannot cure the disease.
    For hepatitis B, immune system modulators (interferon) and antiviral medications can help to fight the virus and slow damage to the liver.



  12. This writer not smart st all, what u sow u reap. I hope you know it is against the law to go to harass anyone st they work place,big hope she call the police and the health van fah you.


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