Slavery and mother sally

‘It’s we culture’. A ‘Fukushima’ that Refuses to be a Disaster

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, the other day I was described as “the big-boxie woman over there”.   He was loud and everyone turned and looked at me, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, I told my school teacher I was being sexually abused by my father, and she said I should pray about it, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, my man beats me and then sends me outside to wash his car.  People outside would know I was beaten and would just walk by and say ‘hi Debbie, how you today?’, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, I went to apply for this job and the boss man told me he wanted a young, big-bubby girl to fill the position, but ‘it’s we culture’.

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Naked, I woke up this morning and had to go get a bucket to go fetch water…I’ve been doing this almost a year now, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, Bajans see things happening and just as long as it is not happening to them, they tell you to keep your mouth shut — that makes sense to you?, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, I had to go into the police station to tell them to tell that Inspector man to stop bulling my son, and they all looked at each other and bust out laughing, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, I have a daughter here that I spend all this money on and I’ll be goddamn if I let another man take her virginity first!!, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, Mother Sally though???….., but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, Bajans were the small, sickly, and foolish.  They never fought for ANYTHING.  Unlike Haiti and other nations, they did NOT even seek emancipation from slavery!, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, you know we taxpayers prop up the UWI but we don’t have not much say about administration…, right?, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, I know you know one of the first terrorist attacks happened right here in Barbados with the blowing up of that Cubana plane…but do you know that Bajan living here don’t know this?, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, could you explain to Bajans how they come to be the first domesticated people?, oh, wait, they don’t want to know, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, Barbados was a slave society but nobody talks about rising from the ashes of that era to emerge as truly free people, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, our Central Bank just printed another $114,000,000 (or so they say), to support the frauds and crooks here in Barbados.  Inflation means nothing to them, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked, 95% blacks are ruled by 5% whites, but ‘it’s we culture’.

Naked Departure

Cul·ture, noun:  The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

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