Cocaine addiction

My Nightmareish Hell in Barbados!! WARNING

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WARNING, this blog is of a SENSITIVE nature.  Good evening Naked Departure.  I’ve been meaning to write to you a long time now.  You see, Naked, I was a user and I don’t mean ganja.  I would go clubbing here in Barbados, St. Lawrence Gap area, and sometimes end up at someone’s hotel or in a stranger’s bedroom.  Since I didn’t remember much about anything that night, it never bothered me….not much…..

Naked, a stranger felt it necessary to ‘take pity’ on me the other afternoon.  He introduced himself to me and said he had information he thought I needed to see.  Naked, I knew without knowing that it was something I needed to see and hear.  My worst nightmares started and have not ended.

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Naked, what that man had on his phone was a video of ME.  I was in heat and under the influence of cocaine and I was in a room full (about 10) of black men.  Naked, the men put their feet and their fists in a place where only children are supposed to come from.  Naked, it was being done to me and they were laughing and the feet of men are not small.

Naked, I am Barbadian and I have always held a good job, been featured in the daily newspapers and people look up to me as the ‘boss’.  But Naked, since viewing that video (the guy deleted it and said he kept it to show it to me) and not knowing how many other black men/people have that video of me, I have been having continuous nightmares!  And yes, I will expect the comments coming in will not make me feel any better.  Thanks for the warning Naked.

I plan on making a “Naked Departure” out of Barbados too myself.  I feel possessed here and I know I’d do better in a bigger country where there are many other choices and opportunities for me to do what I really love.  You see Naked, I love to paint and I love animals so I am working on just getting away, permanently, and reclaiming myself.

With the job I do now, I travel and Naked, never ever have I sought out drugs when abroad.  But from the time I set foot back here in Barbados, I need to medicate.  You see, Naked, what you write about that new word I learnt from you “ZEITGEIST” explains a lot.  The slave code and things that Bajans still embrace; Mother Sally and Crop Over,… all those things I didn’t think too much about until you came along Naked.  There is definitely something wrong here but because we are born into it we don’t see it.

But, to think that something like that could have happened to me and I not need medical care or not feel anyway afterwards is just shocking!  I have no recollections of tears or pain.  I am in a state of constant shock Naked!  I feel like I will go out of my mind!

To the young people who read Naked Departure’s blog, please, please, I beg you…stay off of drugs, especially the hardcore ones.  Not many men would show you a video.  Hardly any of these Bajan men here care.

Naked, I want to thank you for listening to me.  I want to thank you for taking my call.  I want to thank you for being up all night long and hearing me cry.  I want to thank you Naked for helping me put this blog together, showing me where to start and where to stop.  I know you say it but I don’t know if you believe it, but history will remember you, I will remember you.  You have done a good thing and nothing good comes without blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice.  Thank you Naked.   I hope your day is pleasant and calming.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Zeit·geist:ˈtsītˌɡīst,ˈzītˌɡīst/noun — The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time, e.g., “the story captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s”.

11 thoughts on “My Nightmareish Hell in Barbados!! WARNING”

  1. In a previous posting, some fool even though he observed unusual colored crap coming from this woman’s vagina he went ahead,engaging in sexual intercourse resulting in him catching a “clap.” Most comments placed the blame on him, even calling him a fool..that he is.
    Now, here is this fool, knowing the effects cocaine has on her, but still
    indulged; not in the confines and safety of her home or a secured location, but right smack dab in shark infested waters.
    Upon learning of the crap she has gotten herself into, she and others now attacks the bajan black man.
    The bajan black man is many things that I cuss them for, some to their faces and some when their backs are turned…Jesus H. Christ, is this open season on the black men by his women.
    When are you black women gonna take responsibility for your actions,
    when are you gonna act like the “Queens” you claim to be?
    For Thirty years I watched and listened as you blamed the white man in the USA, now here in Barbados, its your god damned black men.
    Grow to phuck up fools!


  2. It good that you have woken up , do not got back to sleep, The fact that you can talk about it , means you are a winner, Keep doing what you are doing and to hell with all others that just dont get it, Peace and love, enjoy Life ,


  3. I live in Barbados all my life, have travelled abroad for work as well and on returning I have never had the urge to MEDICATE. Not once I have touched cocaine, marijuana, not even prescription pills. If i have a cold , sure histal , a migrane , SLEEP. You are just looking for an excuse for the shitty choice you made which resulted in your whoring a** being recorded. You don’t need naked, you need a damn psychiatrist to work your through your issues of drug abuse and body neglect.


    1. Get a grip commenters. A lot of Bajan men (boymen) or men who have little to no regard for women. There are a few, hothat would I was a user too however….I would have more been a serial killer of men and my my my would it have been easy too. The blogger should see a shrink because you have an underlying problem you need to address. Stop self medicating, I can relate but sexually I was more into myself since I has such disdain for men irrespective of colour so any advancements sent me more into a rage with some of the ugliest thoughts to set in the human mind. Get help !!##…..screw the judgemental commenters. You sound like a mess if you are real! Your issue seems to have something to do with what you think is expected of you here, a fitting in issue possibly but I am just speculating. In my case it was curiosity and I want already an enraged female. Scientifically, it is absolute poison and a blight to your life no matter how successful you may appear to be. It is a prison in one’s mind. Screwing up your hormones. I took pleasure in seeking pain from men etc but it was just that it was the society as a whole. You will be ridiculed but trust me the habit can be kick. Please try to do it with minimal medication as they too are drugs.


  4. blacksugga2 !
    Good Morning ! My Friend! Look back , The black Man ! Men the Most Sick Men on the Planet to it’s Owned Race !


  5. Now why black men is the worst men on earth @Bajan to the one
    White people do worst things sexually than black men
    Maybe them do to her what the white man did to our ancestors
    If this was a black woman writing this about what white men do to her she would be called he worst things on this earth


  6. I Would Say this , You appears to be Educated and have common sense
    You Clearly mess With the White People’s drug Of Choice , You have error ! by trusting the Black Man ! Men ! the Most Sick People On this Planet’ to it’s Owned Race , but Would Kiss’s the White Man ! With Love , Not One Of those Black Cat’s Pulled back the Other’s ! You have Made an enormous Error ,that Will affect You One Day ! Those Negroes ! Would have Shown their friend’s and Family that Footage ! You have Learned from your Grossly Mistake , Action’s always have Consequences , Some are good and Some are bad ! Yours appeared to be bad ! I was thinking about Killing them ! but I Pulled back the thought ! I wish you Well ! Go your Way and SIN No More . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016


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