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The Itch That Nearly Kill Me

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I had an itch months back and I almost dead. I was too shame to go to doctor well clinic cause I int got nuh doctor money.  Naked, um almost kill muh and I even got a big one nuh dem big fat things that does plop up pun black people skin (keloid scar?).  I call it a birthmark now if de gurls ask bout it.

Well Naked, the itch gone.  I think people need to let these things move thru dem and in a couple weeks it gone.  I int do nutin and I better now.  People need to let dem body heal and use mental power and positive vibes.

So for all dem people talking about doctor and people foolish. We in Barbados don’t use condoms. It is not normal or natural fah we. You laugh at we culture but we culture is we culture. We de bare backs of the Indies. No body int complain since then and I know I had somethin fierce Naked cause my d**k nearly fall off.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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14 thoughts on “The Itch That Nearly Kill Me”

  1. This man for real???????????? Whatever rock you crawl from under please go back cause you talking bare shite. That is your thing, not we thing jackass


  2. Lol lol oh R- hole where this genetic mutant come from? boss boy you need to see two doctors one for your medical condition and one for your mental illness and while you’re at it think about getting neutered the world is not big enough for two of you


  3. Whether he believe it or not he should still go and see a doctor. You are going to infect some innocent young lady. Men carry bacteria in their testicles for a very long time without even know. A woman will and can catch it but some men don’t even know that they are carrying the bacteria. Boy go and see a doctor for that infection that you are carrying around and while you are at it seek mental care as well.


  4. Sir ! You have dumped your Garbage at the Wrong Location ! Please remove it within 24 hrs ! By Order Of Management .

    BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 .


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