Justin Layne

Justin Layne of Wavell Avenue

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JUSTIN LAYNE — Good morning Naked.  The guy in the pic his name is Justin Layne.  He is so pathetic.  He has a woman her name is Karen and she lives in Black Rock and she works at a pharmacy in the Wildey area.

Could you believe he always soliciting women for s** and his woman keeping a house for a lady name Margaret (her alleged lover) and he is so dumb he can’t sleep at the house with Karen but the woman who the house belongs too does sleep in the house with her.

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Naked, Justin is so dumb he does only see his so-called woman on Friday when he gets pay and he does have to pay her for s****** if not he can’t get.  He sold his car and gave her half of the money and she spent it on her woman.

He needs too wise up and realise he’s the laughing stock of Wavell Avenue.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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