Hariette Reid

Frederick Smith Canteen at Harrison College

lisa-reidBARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, these wicked employers by the name of Lisa Reid and her mother Hariette Reid owners of Frederick Smith Canteen at Harrison College Canteen, robbing the workers blind.  Good thing I not working there anymore.

Taking out the workers’ NIS money and not paying it in not even giving them a green paper to carry in to get unemployment don’t even give them a pay slip say she not wasting paper doing that up which is so wrong gone to the income tax department to apply for $650 to no avail no information in gone in but telling workers go sign up not even a brown paper with your pay in it just hand to hand and then them saying the in making no money at school canteen.  Come on man and all them do is sell people children ah lot of left back food.


I use to work with them so I can say soon make the school children sick only stale food ya does eat is from at home and you won’t believe her daughter got a minster and should know how to deal with people money.

I can’t stand wicked and every Sunday them in the people church warming up the frigging bench them b****hes don’t like to see no one with nothing and want everything for themself.  Bad-minded b***hes.  Wanna get what ya in expect to get but wuh in catch ya in pass ya yet, the world is a cycle hope wanna know that.  You got children and grans.  Study all the wicked things you all doing to good people.  No wonder wanna always looking fa workers.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Frederick Smith Canteen at Harrison College”

  1. These secondary school canteens need looking into. I used to work at Lodge school canteen an d nasty owner Jackie used to do d same thing. Hot dogs from d day in front that int sell she would scrap off d mustard, ketchup an other toppings d next morning an reheat it on d stove an sell back to d students. Unlike d writer I called the polyclinic at six rds an spoke to a health insecptor. Unfortunately I heard she had friends over there an nothing was done about the matter. She even had a long time employee working in d canteen with a life sore on her foot which she had for years. I even told the health inspector that but then again she had friends in high places.


  2. Them run de one in St.James Secondary too and children I know had diarrhea many times after eating from them.
    Ronald Jones can’t protect Lisa forever, cause Karma is real.
    They sell the stale chicken on weekends at the mother pop down shop in the 7th Ave New Orleans. Too many people complain how stale it is and had diarrhea after eating it.
    I’m sorry the writer wait till the get fired to ball them out, cause they are endangering children’s health.


  3. I hope ya rot in hell ya nasty b. I hope ya don’t get one cent from the NIS, you fed people children left over food, and now here complaining? Go and pick some fares, ya nasty d**.


  4. You’re a pathetic little weasel you had ample opportunity to come public of the wrong doings there but your ass got fired (probably for stealing ) now you want to save the nation’s children. Nobody wants to hear you now ya nasty germ don’t come here balling out nothing that you were a part of now it ever so bad leave that for when you home on the phone talking people name ya freak


  5. So why are you waiting until now to be a ” whistle blower ” ? and

    N0.2 : Who is the Minister that she is supposed to be having an affair with ?

    N0.3: Does the Principal of Harrison’s College know about these accusations ?

    Where do sinners and hypocrites go every Sunday morning ? . . . .. to Church ! ! !


  6. You were part of the system ,and did not say an effing word while you were there.You serve the children the same left back food. But now that you and them have parted company, ya now find ya mout. People aint got na time for turncoats like you.


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