FLOW Barbados

Having Problems with FLOW flowing Slow?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FLOW going SLOW —  Naked, seems FLOW has gone back to slowing down speeds or blocking users who use apps like Mobdro or watch IPTV.  Many user are reporting Mobdro sticking or not working as well as IPTV on the FLOW network but these services are working fine on the DIGICEL networks.


How come no issue on other service provider but on FLOW there is a problem with no one seeming to care that the fact people have paid to use an internet service uninterrupted.

They had stop blocking but as of Wednesday people have been having issues.  Yet with DIGICEL, everyone is fine no problems.  Yet we are paying them for a service that shouldn’t have issues.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Having Problems with FLOW flowing Slow?”

  1. When ever mobdro is sticking it means it needs an update at this time ,you should uninstall it and visit http://www.mobdro.com and download a fresh copy then simply go to settings and change the language to english and check to see if your device time is correct for this sometimes causes mobdro,kodi,showbox,and megabox not to work. I worked for flow they cant block streams everything works with an update. I can however say that my time at flow was good for me i had good and bad customer experiences.But the truth is that flow has very poor customer sevices the chain of command is never properly informed , for a communications giant they lack simple communication. The sales teams sell the same packages more than once per customer to gain extra wages, service is prioritized by social stature e.g. apes hill gets services before bush hall. Apes hill wait a day or two , bush hall get attention when they run out of work. Eat a big fat DI and CK ……flow!


  2. Thanks to ND, I realized that Modbro was sticking so I called Flow, They told me that they will look into to it. However I am now going to switch because I had too many problems with Flow


  3. I warn all my friends that flow snd lime was in it together
    I told them in the end flow will merge with lime
    And I prove them right


  4. Could not watch a frigging thing on Mobdro from midweek. Reminds me of the days when we had Sunbeach, who BARTEL used to f- up in a
    similar manner.
    Have we still got a fair trading commission?


  5. i put in that internet and it was ok . Then all of a sudden it went down..i cal and call and even went down there to make a physical complaint… after 2 months i said f – ck it..i cancelled. All i told myself that it it was down in a big shot are i wouldnt have been hearing shite about pole fault…i too it out and saved my $85.

    But we all get trick because i believe LIME and flow were in this s–t together..Either LIME paid FLOW to come in and get the fiber optics customers for them or FLOW volunteered to do it for a hefty purchase fee. Either way we the people got f’ed..


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