Naked, I have Issues with Theresa Wiggins

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) Hi, Good Morning Naked Departure.  How are you doing?  I have issues.  I use to work with Amalgamated Security and stationed up at Banks Distribution.  As you may know, that place don’t listen to the workers.

There is this employee Theresa Wiggins.  She messes with every man up by Banks.  She even went in the toilet feeling up two of the guys *******.  She goes in the car park and has ****** with them also.  She can do as she like cause she deals with the manager.


Naked, she comes up short on counting her money but she is never the one moved.  I had to move.  She talks bout her man lives in New York but yet every Banks man does be sleeping up at her home.  She works a twelve-hour shift and does be at work for four.

Naked, the man in New York pays all of her rent and sent for her every year.  She even went up this year.  She calls him her grandfather and she also deals with her child father.

Naked, how can one woman be so bad?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Naked, I have Issues with Theresa Wiggins”

  1. Dem women in Barbados nasty as a** they f**** for anything with any dog a can sardines a loaf of bread, a car ride ,a taxi ride and most of all a $10.00 topup make you want to leave bim for good.


  2. I am irreverent on some posts because after reading them you feel like you have wasted time/lost something/been spat upon/assaulted with ignorance.

    Two people fight over the last sardine in the can and one run to ND to tell me who the other one is sleeping with. How is that going to help me??

    Now if yuh gimme she fone numba I Jus mite be inturted..
    You like muh bajan (inturted🙂 )


    1. I think this matter about the manager should be brought to his wife attention to let her know what he is doing on the job also the higher management of the company


  3. Instead of reporting
    who sleeping with who, find somebody to sleep with
    Who got who, get somebody
    who f-ing who, find a screw buddy
    Let the sex flow


  4. Anyway Theresa is my Palo and I defend my friends leave her alone mind ya own business so what if she sleep with the manager you can sleep wid he too if he want you if not jus go and sleep find something constructive to do like read a book or learn ya tables or something


  5. Stupse….You aint got nothing to do this saturday morning but mind people fuh kin business? Clothes to wash…children to take to lessons….


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