Sanjee Kumar

Illegal Immigrant Sanjee Kumar

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SANJEE KUMAR —  Naked, this illegal immigrant is causing nothing but havoc and confusion at COST U LESS BARBADOS STORE #26.  SANJEE KUMAR IS THE UNMANNERLY RACIST’s NAME.

Naked, how is it that he’s running a store treating staff like animals and customers like they aren’t important?  You don’t care about anyone but yourself?  But Naked, employees have rights and employees matter!  How do you expect to have happy customers with your nasty attitude and the way you treat your employees, unhappy employees = unhappy customers.  Naked, the only thing this man came to do is run COST U LESS further in the ground!

We all have families just like you do and you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you and your family.  Who the f**k you think you are?  Naked, how is it that people like him are allowed in this country to treat people like slaves and firing employees just because he can and feel like?


THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT AND IMMIGRATION NEED TO STEP IN AND INVESTIGATE ASAP we as Barbadians and black people need to stand up and fight for what is right and what is fair to us as human beings!!  We are working to make a dollar to provide and live a comfortable life just like you!  You are in charge and you think because you are a store manager that you can treat people in the worse way but what goes around comes right back around and will fall on your children if not you!!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Sanjee Kumar”

  1. This sounds like just a bunch of disgruntled employees who had it good all this time hardly working and just going along getting an easy paycheck. Now that there’s a new manager in place, instead of adapting to change and supporting your new boss, ya’ll decided to go against him. SHAME!
    It’s pretty obvious that these pics are just taken from a social media site that don’t seem to actually represent the individual’s character. It’s easy to take pics from the internet and tag them with BS just to make an UNEDUCATED claim based only on the way he or she looks or dresses.
    Get with the programme people. No worldly person is going to buy this non-sense. This is 2016. No free handouts. Need to work work work, to get what’s due.
    Respect SI Kumar


  2. IS ! He Taliban ! Stop ! allowing Aliens to Come in to Our Country and Disrespect US ! Get a Charged Sheet for them ! Commit Violence against
    them ! or Something Vicious !


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