Malia Obama worth $275,000,000???

Malia Obama is Worth Close to $300,000,000.00

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — MALIA OBAMA — How is this at all possible?  According to some accounting principals that are yet to be taught to ordinary black folks, Malia Obama is listed as a heavy hitter and has managed to accumulate $275,000,000.00 in her short time here in Hell.  Has she even ever really held a job?


Seems like stock options, restaurants, clothing line, and Cover Girl endorsements (to name a few) have made Malia one of the richest people here on Earth.  She’s still a teenager.  At this rate, she’ll be a billionaire in no time!

Her father, Barack Obama and the President of the United States, trails behind her and  is listed as having a net worth of a pitiful $12,000,000.00 (less by some reports).

Naked Departure

19 thoughts on “Malia Obama is Worth Close to $300,000,000.00”

  1. The $300,000,000 came from the middle eastern sheiks and India as gift to the President (he approved more oil to be purchased from Saudi Arabia and approved software engineers to come to US to work here)but he cannot receive it so he said to give it to his daughter. Malia is a homely looking kid. She can not be a model. Modeling jobs and endorsements? my foot. Just have the GAO or one of the big 6 auditors audit Malia and the truth will show. The Clintons did it another way. They established the Clinton Foundation and used some of the funds to pay for their personal expenses like Chelsea’s grand wedding.


    1. This is why Trump wants the 1950s back not for a white America but for a fairer distribution of wealth before the Jewish bankers destroyed democracy destroyed wages and destroyed the spirit of so many people around the world instead making zombies first with illegal drugs then with prescription drugs, putting free porn all over the internet to corrupt kids and take their inhibitions and values away. Making more people work for minimum wage while they reap the profits. Ever since Rothschild bankrupted the bank of England in 1812 their plans got bigger caused world wars speak about intergration of all peoples while in Israel a non Jew cannot marry a Jew. What Americans seen was the dismantling of their country and turned their back on it. Can Donald really deliver the feel good factor for all Americans? who knows one things for sure the hope is he will take back the world from the greedy money men and give us all a piece of the pie.


      1. Not likely. This moron has filed bankruptcy 4 times. People lost their jobs because of him and he came out smelling like a rose. He talks about distributing the wealth so low income households can have some of the wealth. What a joke. Just how does he plan on doing that when he is going to repeal the affordable care act. This is going to put a lot of people back on the “no insurance” list and will then have to use the ER’s as their medical care providers because hospitals can write those bills off and the taxpayers have to pay for all that. This man is going to put our country back to the age where your status in society determines how you will wed and and how will be classified in society. Like it was in the 1700 and 1800s.


  2. Ripped off. No wonder our country is poor. Kids of the president that has not even worked a job to earn any of it. Is worth 300 million that’s our taxpayers dollars at work??? Crooks clintons and obamas


      1. Dear (Gutless) anonymous Malia Obama worth nearly $300 million (I believe it)… Barak is not stupid is he?? this guy who thinks he is the return of Lincoln!! Such a clever speaker!! So clever with promises about Guatanimo (?spelling?) in Cuba before he enters (White House ) “I will close it within the first 12 months of being in white house” … but then he found he couldn’t= you make me commander in chief and watch me stick to my word and close it … but I bet you believe all the negative stuff about Trump!!??
        As for Obama himself he’s the white-est looking black man I’ve ever seen! MY ex-wife when she sun-baked was blacker and so was one of my kids … maybe you think I am racists … but Muhammad Ali was the greatest human being to have lived ion my life time, even so I could still be called racists maybe I suppose … racist is a word that doesn’t scare me


    1. Obama had a hell of a beginning when he became President. Color must make a difference too you. Clinton was a good president as well.
      Give credit where credit is due. George W. was a disaster. Mostly Cheney. The will burn in hell for the many lives given for not reason.


      1. you’re a fucking dumbass Obama is the worst president in u.s. history not even close to bush our debt, the unemployment rate, immigration, taxes he screwed everything up.


  3. no wonder this is the most corrupt administration ever to be in the white house, alll that money belongs to the people of this country


  4. How is it that one can go in to politics with no significant wealth and come out obscenely loaded? Hmmmmm……And don’t question anything. Ever.

    The Obamas drank the koolaid as have many before and after him will. These are not the people to follow or put trust in. They are not working for your betterment. They’ve been made possible by the powers that be, PTB.


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