David Jean Marie

Sex, Drugs and Money Equal Power: The MAFIA in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) – BARBADOS MAFIA — Naked Departure, time to smell the coffee.  I have listened to Charlie Vice hoodwink you by using his pimping skills the same way he and his cronies such as Jersey, Freddie Hill, Boppa and Bally use it on the underage girls who they import from Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and Trinidad.  These whore mongers especially like especially the pre-teen Amerindian girls from the bush of Guyana who they sample before opening them up to the public.

Men such as CEO of Bridgetown Port Inc DAVID JEAN-MARIE, Minister of Tourism/Deputy Prime Minister RICHARD SEALY, Speaker of Barbados House of Assembly MICHAEL CARRINGTON, are regular patrons of whore clubs such as CLUB REHAB on Fontabelle, where they mingle with other regulars such as ROSS ASHTON RED SEA GANG BOSS, DRUG LORD WINSTON “I-STON” BRANCH, ADDY MUHDADDY DOG POUND GANG BOSS, DRUG LORD  NIGEL “BOUNTY” PINDER, FREDDY HILL WHORE MONGER/SHOW PROMOTER, DRUG LORD COOK-FOOD and SCOTTY CHRIST CHURCH DRUG LORD and many others as well as various customs immigration and police men.

SHANIQUE MYRIE came in to strip and sell pu***y at REHAB but the club’s immigration man was not in place at the time so she did not get through and the Barbados government ended up picking up her tab.

The same way the super-rich make deals on the golf courses, the drug barons do the same in the strip joints. Ask DAVID JEAN MARIE how much cash passed his way to “clear” special items coming through the Bridgetown Port for certain drug lords.


Things are going to get more interesting since the Russian whores are in town and their handlers the Russian mob are here also, as are the Colombians, Mexicans, Italians from Sicily (MAFIA) and Chinese Tong and Japanese Yakuza are also here in the mix. Barbados is regarded as a prosperous nation like the Bahamas and these “foreign investors” are keen to pump money into both the legal and black market economies.

The Sicilian mafia have their home base on Canewood Road, Jackson and are here to stay according to my sources.

Stay tuned things are about to get even more interesting.  Especially with general elections looming very soon, the “pipers” are keen to fund the political campaigns payback though will be hell to deal with.

Barbados is not ready and cannot handle or deal with these hombres as the police here are underpaid and ill-equipped to go toe to toe with men who are natural-born killers.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

29 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Money Equal Power: The MAFIA in Barbados”

  1. Dont worry Thomas Harris, I have not forgitten you and Peter Harris or CGI Insurance, just doing some research into those false witness statements that your lawyers are famous for, plan to expose some names to the registrar and chief justice when those false witnesses perjure themselves under oath, then expose their names on social media, after they are arrested.

    It will take a little time and research, dont go way or close your eyes.


  2. What happened Thomas, you did not like that last comment or what, no come back for me with your full mouth.

    You are swimming with sharks now, real sharks, not the little lawyers and doctors on the island whom Peter Harris owns, this is the real deal.

    Think you can handle it Thomas.


  3. Ohhhh Thomas.., the coolie racist in you is showing. I thought you were on here only last week pretending to be black tryingbto sell Peter’s Platimun Motors’ shit cars.

    Now what could have you so angry that you will call your brother’s former partner in crime Malcolm Grant a red nig….hmm, hmm, hmmm.., when crooks fall out…lol

    Thomas, have you spoken to Pat Cheltenham since last week, another of your brother’s crooked partners accirdjng to you, is Cheltenham speaking to you, you embarrassed that man, what could have happened to cause you to talk out all of Cheltenham’s business like that, now the whole island knows..chaa..lol. Do you think there will be any fallout for Peter because of what you did and all the information he gives you about the lawyers and doctors whom he owns.

    Thomas, I am looking at the positive side of this, if they did not know before, all the doctors and lawyers who sold their souls and degrees for Peter Harris now knows, he has no other use for them but to do his dirty work, sell out their own people, lie to the court and judges, destroy the judiciary and then, Peter talks about all of those lawyers and doctors in Barbados..with his FAMILY, all the nasty things they do for Harris is entertainment for the Harris family.

    How am I doing so far Thomas..

    Just look at all the things you had to say about Cheltenham, where did you get the information Thomas, the only reason you did not say more is because I stopped you, I felt embarrassed for Cheltenham and his family and I would not stoop so low to impersonate someone on a blog even if it meant exposing Harris’ criminal activities, but suffice it to say, you did well Thomas, you did not even need much prompting.

    The fallout will be a bitch though Thomas, you mark my words.


  4. THE Fight Now Start ! THE Truth Verse’s Thomas Harri’s ! POWER to the PEOPLE ! LONG LIVE THE TRUTH ! Rather than a Lie


  5. THE Fight Now Start ! THE Truth Verse’s Thomas Harri’s ! POWER to the PEOPLE ! LONG LIVE THE TRUTH ! Rather than a Lie !


  6. ND why do you allow the ignorant psychotic red n***** Malcolm Grant to post under so many handles on ND? I can count 4 on this thread alone. You should ban his lying thiefing ass. I’ll continue to pray for him.


  7. Thomas you are back. To be fair though, why is Peter’s name being called in all of this without good reason, if he is not involved, even as a silent partner.

    It has been an open secret for a few years, everyone knows about the crap at the supreme court, strip clubs, insurance scams money laundering etc involvjng Harris, but the drug trafficking thing only came out a few years that Peter has been involved for years, the island is tiny and people talk.

    I am not too concerned about that outside of the authorities not locking up the people funding and operating these large money laundering and drug trafficking rings but are quick to lock up the boys on the block who work for the respectable drug traffickers and gun runners, who are the leading business people on the island.

    This is a case for the commissioner of police to direct the drug squad, involve the RSS, does Peter not have a brother who is a pilot for the RSS, whose head should involve the DEA and other agencies that monitor traffickers and money launderers..

    If these agencies do not get the information from the public, they will not know who to target, as it appears there are many people out there with solid information.

    I am more concerned with the way the judiciary has been brought into ill repute by Peter and his gang, while the transport board has been reduced to rubble and Jean Marie is apparently working hard to destroy the Port.

    These are taxpayer funded entities, all three, that this band of criminals believes belong to them, what are the ministers and politicians doing to protect the people and island from these people, besides joining them for financial gain.

    Thomas, how are you sleeping these days.


  8. @ Thomas Harris

    Let me add a few more names for you that have been in the drug, whores and insurance alliance with Peter Harris whilst you were running the 1st now defunct restaurant Josef in St Lawrence Gap Christ Church.

    Dacosta Braithwaithe who now runs a shoe store in Bridgetown and Shawn Hope who opened his own insurance in Hastings Christ Church.

    Both of these guys were major agents at Clico and cleaned up/laundered millions of drug dollars for other drug lords and their own effort.

    Clico was used as a vehicle for the big drug boys on the street through these two former agents and several others.

    Besides the drugs they also organized a lot of orgies which both Jean Marie and Peter Harris attended and participated in

    Again the local corrupt police would know this as part of their intelligence..


  9. THE ! Level Of Prostitution and Wickedness in Barbados, We are Very we’ll going to Self destruct Very Soon ! IT’S IMMINENT!

    BAJAN TO THE BONE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 30/10/2016/


  10. David Jean Marie and Peter Harris went to school at Combermere around the same time, back in the 80’s. It is well known that those individuals who went to that school look out for each other.


  11. @ The Truth

    They say money is the root of all evil and this is indeed the case.

    You have an alleged compromised DPP Charles Leacock for taking bribes and other criminal acts who turns a blind eye for financial gain.

    An alleged current Barbados Police Commissioner previously involved in a UK/Barbados car theft racket who knows from intelligence on the ground that what is posted here in this paricular Post is 100% fact.

    Along with Leroy Parris, the politician bribers and law breakers such as Bizzy Williams, Maloney, Jada Construction, Innotech, Bjerham etc it is wide spread local knowledge.

    It is far easier to lockup the boys on the block, people who steal petty things and small robberies as they don’t have resources for a good lawyer or to pass money to either crooked police or those in the legal system who remand or lock them up to pad crime statistics.


  12. Wunna Island gone. Bullbados just waiting to get buried, and all a wunna gine right long with Bullbados. All wunna spend wunna life doing is wukking up and misbehaving, and wondering why wunna children acting out, just like wunna. In less that a generation, Bullbados may cease to exist, as we all know it.


  13. That greasy, sleazy looking dude Jean Marie as then GM of transport board, combined with then minister of transport Rommel Marshall handed Peter Harris the contract for transport board and started the downward spiral of that taxpayer funded entity for the last 15 years..

    Jean Marie was then moved to the Bridgetown Port to start the downward spiral of that taxpayer entity with the drug trafficking etc, this information is not even a secret in Barbados anymore, why are these destructive animals still walking around free.

    Why are they all being allowed by government ministers to destroy these taxpayer entities with their corruption,


    1. Malcolm Grant you have to one a real stupid amd dumb mongrel. Everyone knows that you using at least 15 handles here on ND. Peter Harris is not going to let you get off the hook for a 2nd time. Mark my words. You need lots of help, you sick effer. Now run along you waste of space. Keep titillating your silly little self. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  14. So Club Rehab strip club has obviously changed ownership from 2009, Peter Harris’ name keeps popping up as the current owner and was the club not raided when police raided strip clubs some months ago.

    Peter Harris needs to change is name again for real, his name is called in a multitude of legal businesses, but doubly so in every business that is ilĺegal, criminàl, and corrupting.

    The DPP and politicians/government minister’s names are also being called as Harris’ partners, that is called a criminal syndicate, though small, it’s still very destructive to the island and the democratic rights of the population.

    Where is Thomas Harris to defend Peter in the name of religion and tell us it is not so, while calling all of Harris’ partners in crimes names.

    Why is this information not handed directly to the commissioner of police and if he ignores it call in the DEA.

    These people walk around Barbados pretending they are higher up, better off, respectable and the biggest christians, but are the ones committing the most vicious of crimes on so small an island, because they as criminals and are protected by the system that is supposed to be protecting the whole population.

    The chief justice and judges can only work within their domain in the judiciary, they are however, responsible for requesting and advocating for change within the judiciary. In case they are not aware, things can only get worse.

    The commissioner of police needs to do his job regarding Harris and the other criminals..or things will only get worse, they themselves will soon be reading of their own activities on social media if they refuse to do their jobs.


  15. The Island is already ripped apart from mostly the criminal politicians whom Freundel Stuart certainly can’t be aware of all that is happening around him. If in fact he knows then he becomes an accessory to the crimes and criminals. He might be a sleeping jass but it is time to reign in his criminal faction pulling him down.

    That information is written by an innercircle person who is not just calling names on a whim.

    With this information in the police hands, lots of people can take a fall only if the COP can choose the right people to do the job but he too have to get clearance from the higher ups to efficiently do the job right.

    Find a new DPP and a few good Justices who is willing to face the truth and do the job they are being paid to do fearlessly.


    1. TJ we know that it’s true the problem is that it is scary. When people choose to play in the big league there are big league consequences. Remember Tom Adams.

      Corruption is steep in Barbados. Where are the people we thought had integrity to assist us? If we do not unite to defend ourselves the consequences will be ours to suffer.

      The love of money is the problem especially what appears to be easy money.


  16. Jean Marie is Peter Harris right hand man and help CGI off the ground with a $500000 contract when he was GM of the transport board at least 15 years ago.

    He, Peter Harris and myself used to met in strip clubs all over Barbados and they have screwed at least over a thousand stripper whores each.

    Peter Harris is in the cocaine business so having his buddy Jean Marie at the Bridgetown Port makes it much easier along with Hashim at Prosales to move product and laundering.

    This post has hit some of the major players in the Barbados criminal underground that all have major ties.

    Note that there is also heavy criminal collusion including politicians, immigration and dirty hungry police.

    I have been in this inner circle and yes Charles Spice is a stranger to the truth and equally complicit with most of those named.


    1. Additional names in this circle of criminals who hide in the background are Frank Drakes RBC Bank, Bryon Gibson, Cardinal Burnett a Manager works under Jean Marie at the Bridgetown Port, Clifford Braithwaithe alias Jah Jah Canadian drug deportee, Avery Hackett and alias Fox drug lord cocaine dealer and police informer who lives in Barbarees Hill whose son Remy Barbados Today photographer was charged with buggery of the underage boy.


  17. I hope you don’t know what you are talking about and just calling names and making up stuff.

    If true, that was scary shit with some very serious consequences down the road. Those are real killers; they could rip that island apart,


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