A Bajan Man: Three Types of Women in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, it ain’t too hard to understand.  Here in Bim men are NO GOOD.  Once we healthy and breathing, we cheating and lying.  Women for we fall into three categories: bit**es, wh**es and maids/wives.

Three months for the young girls that are only a piece (a wh**re cause we does got to pay for that AND they looking to get paid).  Longer for the mature woman who we can benefit from (a bi**h).  If a Bajan man marries a young girl, she is usually from the other poorer islands or the interior of Guyana and them girls thirsty, they would drink and eat anything.  Yah don’t marry the bi**h or the wh***e cause yah can’t keep none ah them, yah does marry a maid, someone who can cook and take care of de children and bring in a lil money.

Bajan men don’t care to pick up no phone to talk to no woman and I just keeping it real Naked.  You get that early on when you working you way into things.  But after that, it’s the next one B….  We only marry cause we wake up feeling like we should be marry, um easy like dat Naked.  Ain’t got one rh thing to do wid the woman.  We just hope she foreign, keep being nice to we, don’t poison the food, don’t horn we and the children we get we names call for is we own.


So that last post about the bank manager and the pregnant employee…that’s we culture.  Yes, people gine say it happens everywhere, but like YOU say Naked Departure, we should know better coming from slavery, but we don’t and won’t.  We like we culture.  Give women any wiggle room and it over for we.

So I just want to say I ain’t no dummy, I understand Barbados well and live here all my days.  Barbados is a real funny place and may be so because of being the centre of slavery.  But things will never change.  We like foreign women and Bajan women are really nuisances and them getting education don’t bother we.  We tell you ‘you beautiful’ and we ‘love you’ and all that nonsense and we benefit from them education and them need to own a man.  Stupeeeees.

Bajan men to the world!  We run things on this rock!  Mr. Morris from St. Michael

Naked Departure (Editing was necessary.) (Photo-Generic)

12 thoughts on “A Bajan Man: Three Types of Women in Barbados”

  1. There will always be those who aren’t in agreement this is a democracy but people will say things based on their own circumstances doesn’t mean other things don’t happen to other people. I can never imagine having sex with a female member of my family but for some people that’s the norm it actually is some people’s reality so sir don’t mind d blister pack ya going to get I’m still with you everyone has their opinion and they should it makes for healthy discussion and alternative views


  2. Writer I don’t agree with you. Not all women are the same just because you’ve been hurt many times doesn’t mean you should categorize all we in De same net. Women also help to build society and yet we go far to become independent like you all. Also you have strayed away from the topic


  3. Interesting to some degree although I don’t agree with everything you’ve written some of your points are quite valid although I’m not in a situation like that I know of many lots of truths in what you said I actually enjoyed reading it no objection from me


  4. He is one ignorant jonniebocrat
    THEN when the same foreign women treat wanna bad
    Bring in them men and say it’s them brother
    Bring in them 12cpickney and say it’s them sisters and brother one
    Then wanna bout the place complaining to the same bajan women
    Wanna does get monthly bloods in wanna food and pu*** water to drink
    And wanna does s**k the first day of monthly blood and last day that how wanna does get hook
    Bajan to the bone talking that know foreign women secrets


  5. You ain’t a bajan man, you is a bajan skunt hole. I married a woman not to have a maid but to have a wife . I married a woman I love. Ya know what ya ass. Just as she may cook, clean and care for OUR kids, I also cook clean and care for OUR kids. So you need to say for you there are three types of women and hopefully they realise you are not a man.!!! I hope you dont have girl children because if other men think like you, I wonder what category your girl child would be in. Also, was your mother a bitch, whore or maid. What about your sisters, aunts or cousins. You are such a stupid stupid IT.!


  6. SO ! Mr .Morris While ya at it Sir ! What Are The Three Type’s Of Men in BARBADOS ! Let me help ya ! BISEXUAL ! BULLERS ! PEDOPHILE! PAPIST ! MURDERER’S ! LIERS ! THIEVES ! CRIMINAL’S ! Just PEEP Inside Our Parliament , all of the above are there .

    BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 / / / /

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  7. Mr . Morris From St.Michael ! Ya Kicking AS_ S This Morning ! Ya Starting
    A Wild Fire ! ! ! That Would Burned down Ya House Today ! BAJAN to the bone I I I I I I 2016 ///

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