Ralston Wilson, warning re: Spanish Town in Jamaica

AVOID Spanish Town in Jamaica for Christmas

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — RALSTON WILSON, a grown Jamaican man, a politician and a country man at that, is talking about being very afraid and he’s telling people to avoid Spanish Town, Jamaica, at all cost, for Christmas!

THE STORY:  In the midst of brewing tension in Spanish Town, after the threat of a Christmas massacre that has been circulating on social media, the Deputy Mayor of the town  told THE STAR he wants to distance himself from troubles in the Old Capital because he is “fraid like puss”.  “A number of people from the rural side that I know are refusing to go there because of the sort of things that are happening and the types of threats that are circulating,” Wilson said.

If Jamaicans are afraid of Jamaica and Jamaicans, what hope is there for outsiders?  Naked Departure


4 thoughts on “AVOID Spanish Town in Jamaica for Christmas”

  1. please stop spreading propaganda with this stupid idiot who wants some fame………………..he will get his fame with the law shortly……….


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