Ebola and Zombie News — It’s all God’s Fault

AFRICA/THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — GOD,  zombies, Ebola and the dire need of people to believe — in anything.  And this news of a link between Ebola and zombie resurrection in Africa is spreading and not making things any better.  If not for God and the promise of Heaven or that afterlife bonus package, these things would not happen.  Would they?

THE STORY:  The crime against humanity is that victims of Ebola are now rising from the dead in this besieged African nation. Captured footage shows a man rising after mortally succumbing to the Ebola virus. The name of this victim is being withheld by the World Health Organization out of alleged privacy concerns. Some believe concerns for the safety of the Man’s The family is the real reason for the embargo of his identity. It is believed the original form of the weaponized virus has mutated into what can only be described as a zombie virus.  (Disclose TV)


Now, that has got to be a lie, isn’t it?!!  And if it is a lie, why do so many people believe it?  And if you see so many people sharing and believing in (outrageous) lies, wouldn’t that cause YOU to stop and check YOUR own belief systems and to caution yourself?

Africa needs to let people die and stay dead.  Naked Departure  (Internet photo)

4 thoughts on “Ebola and Zombie News — It’s all God’s Fault”

  1. AFRICAN’S ! Need’s to Stop ! Believing in Idolatry and believed in the Most Loving GOD ! Creator Of allllllllllll and the Universe .


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