John Boyce

John Boyce, Minister of Health

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JOHN BOYCE — Naked, if Boyce possessed the propensity to think, it would not be possible that he ‘poured water’ on an issue that warranted the people of Barbados being given clean, portable drinking water.

How can you be a minister of Health and be unhealthy yourself? I offer to the people of Barbados that Mr. Boyce is unhealthy because his mind is unhealthy, tainted by the drunkenness of power, and the incapacitation of lack of compassion for those who he was elected to serve.

Nations Newspaper, it might have been your journalistic lack of vision, that allowed for these poor choice of words “Pour cold water,” on an issue, when countless Barbadians are thirsty for a nice cold glass of clean water.  Are any of you in a position to really be sensitive to the needs of the masses?  Perhaps you are all full, yet empty.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


9 thoughts on “John Boyce, Minister of Health”

  1. Fa real..LJohn Boyce have no manners he treat people like shite he have a woman in oistin he get a job for her in health in health ,he does live with ketcha too.He is de worst in minister to put in health this man hate people he have no empathy for human.Doctors at the hospital are tight lip of the happening no supplies patients care gone trough de door patients are dying daily no med in the hospital unless family bring in ,one nurse to a word at night,out patient have no doctors .
    These people are so fake last mouth some woman some worldwide health and them bitches take de woman on a tour and ya know were they caw she to de new polyclinic in st john


  2. That man is so nasty,unmannerly abrupt woman beater dog, John Boyce he only get that position because de people wanted to get rid of the Owen’s government.This man don’t like women check how he treats Cynthia Forde in parliament.He use to see his constituents in a room in privacy ya go in and speak to him he very nice and thing ,Mam……when this man get he seat in de governmen it was a whole different person ,When I went to see de man now ya int got no privacy
    He see ya with de room door steering wide open,some man went in and ask if he could help him get a job .That I was so shame and it wasn’t me . Ask de man were you went school you can’t write ya name and coming in here asking but a job man get out out of a woman went in she ask if he could help her get a house all this time de door open and ya could hear every thing he said he is not the minister of housings Young girl went in next,She said mr Boyce good night I want to know if ya could help my son with a operation he was waiting for for four year to save he life .my man voice like thunder say I like a doctor wanah does come bout here asking fa things like I am God.I walk out and a few people leave too.he had what he wabpnted


  3. With they way this government conducting business . the opposition does not need to say a bad word against them….the question is what brilliant stradegy will they come up wid now? And as far as i know STRADEGY was a band.


  4. JIM JONES !
    In the Making ,have Just Ordered Gallon’s Of Poisonous Water in to Barbados to be Consumed by Stupid Barbadians WHO Would perished on Consuming it’s bacteria infested Water from Surinam! You believed Barbadians not taking to the Street’s ! More rapid Sudden deaths Shortly .


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