Latoya Hemmings, TIE YOUR TUBES!!

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — LATOYA HEMMINGS — Again, another woman with no man in the picture is in the news.  Having sex and children and then complaining about falling on hard times.  Since when has it been easy to be a broke, single parent?

Latoya Hemmings, 32, a resident of Green Island in Hanover, Jamaica, is seeking the public’s assistance in becoming a homeowner.   No, this is not a joke!  She is not looking for rent money, she is looking for house money!  How will that be possible?


Latoya is looking for people to buy her a house?  She now occupies the board house which is up for sale and which she wants donors to purchase, as the owner wants it off her land.  Latoya is living in this house as a tenant.  And she is dead BROKE — no job.

The two-bedroom board house is being sold for $175,000.  There is no way in Hell that people will give her that money to purchase that house.  No way!

Latoya, for starters, stop breeding!

Naked Departure (Photo: internet)

3 thoughts on “Latoya Hemmings, TIE YOUR TUBES!!”

  1. Black women tie tubes? hahahahhahahaha ….har har ha ha har har har har har har har. Their fertility is a meal ticket…they rather have children in poverty than get their tubes tied


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