Liam Bridgeman, Drowning by Neglect?

Liam Bridgeman

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIAM BRIDGEMAN — Hello Naked, little Liam drowned last week and everyone is quiet but I believe his death was a case of negligence.

How is it that a child is drowning and no screams nothing was heard?  This matter needs investigating.  Where is the CCB on this one or are they only interested in persecuting good parents?  Anonymous

Naked Departure


15 thoughts on “Liam Bridgeman”

  1. i waa saying the same thing some one need to be charge for his death why if kids are in the pool why no supervision where were the adults if it was my child i be watchin him and never left him out my site some parents are just so careless the parent mustcy just malious in lookin bout to see who got on what or in a gossip that she could not be looking at her own child is not neglecting a child a charge or only certain people get charge an only certain matters get investigated


  2. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Wa I thought they say the father attend the party with the son as the mother had an outting to attend! Wait I thought they say the father say “HE HAD JUST TAKEN HIS EYES OFF HIS SON AND IN A SPLIT SECOND HE WAS DROWNING AND HAVING CPR DONE TO HIM? ” Man look this story have so much sides…. Only the good lord knows! S. I. P LIAM AND R. I. G


    BACK UP ! BACK Up backweh ! Cool ya ass ! I’m in total agreement With Truth teller ! A Writer Said the Mother were attending a Wedding and her Child at a Pool PARTY ! IS this Ct _t adding UP ! Charge the Mother ! I FUIN _ Said ! It’s her responsibility for her Child /Children no One Else ! Let’s TALK Real TALK NOW ! Come backWeh ! Come ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man Security RUSSIAN Style ! ! ! 🔫🔫🔫


  4. if you the letter writer think its a case of negligence go and confront the mother nuh cheupse you is a real idiot go and make your complaints to the ccb if you think that is the reason SMDH RIP LITTLE ONE


    1. This writer makes me sick. He wont let my cousin sleep in peace , and he’s blameing my aunty Sheena and Uncle Steve for this tragic event.


  5. Who wrote this letter has no knowledge of drowning. Drowning is when any liquid replaces oxygen in the lungs, yes, you can even drown in the shower or with a glass of water. His drowning could’ve been sudden without the ability to make any sound.


    1. How did he get into the pool? Were they other kids in the pool? Where were the parents/ adults, a duty of care was owed to this 5yr old boy. Someone need to be charged with negligence in this little boys death. Who leave their boy child unattended at a pool party? What bothers me is that this party was a “high society” event and people want you to be quiet but when the poor one die at the hand the poor wayward parents no one is heard mentioning to let the child rest in peace. A bunch of despicable f#@kers you all are.


  6. MAY! This Little Soul rest in peace in God’s Loving Arm’s ! I Understand the Mother and a Friend Went to a Party at the Said house , the Mother leave the Child with the Lady Friend , Went to Collect Gift’s from the Car,
    On returning from the Car the Mother found CPR being administered to her Child , the Friend did not give the Child any attention and the Child Perished! that’s the Information reaching me ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! !2016 .


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